Bypass iPad Security Lockout with 5 Approaches [Thorough Guide]


The passcode you set for your iPad lock screen is the primary barrier against unauthorized access to your iPad. Unfortunately, entering the wrong passcode too many times in a row can result in the daunting iPad Security Lockout message being displayed, locking you out of access.

Do you need help troubleshooting iPad security lockout? Freed from the dilemma of an "iPad Not Available" or "Security Lockout" screen that prohibits any further attempts at entry? Fortunately, there are ways to bypass this troublesome iPad Security Lockout obstacle and regain full access.

ipad security lockout


Part 1: What Does Security Lockout Mean on iPad?

When your iPad's lock screen displays the "iPad Security lockout" message, you are denied permission to view or adjust any settings or contents. Despite seeing a prompt that says "Press to Unlock," simply pressing your iPhone's Home button won't restore access since your device has been disabled. It requires more than just a click. However, when an additional note tells you to try again after X number of minutes, there may still be hope for entering another passcode after the time shown on display elapses.

However, you can remove your iPad security lockout if you enter the correct passcode. If you continue to enter incorrect passwords, the waiting time increases. After one minute of entering the wrong password, you will have to wait five minutes before attempting again. From your seventh try onward, that waiting period extends to fifteen minutes on each failed attempt until your tenth wrong passcode. No further attempts can be made at this point, and a Security Lockout is displayed on the screen.

If you've been locked out of your iPhone, the passcode you entered was incorrect too many times. Apple has incorporated a Security Lockout feature in their iOS 15.2 update, ensuring your phone remains safe from unauthorized access.

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Part 2: What to Do Before Removing iPad Security Lockout?

Apple takes data security seriously, making it difficult to bypass the lockout. However, with a few simple requirements fulfilled beforehand, you can effectively unlock the device. Ensure you do the following things before you begin to remove the iPad security lockout:

1. Ensure Your Device Has Enough Power

Ensure the iPad is fully charged or connected to a power source before attempting to bypass the security lockout. If it runs out of battery in the midst, you will have no choice but to start the process from scratch.

2. Back Up Your Data and Settings

To ensure all your information is safe, back it up with either iCloud Backup or iTunes Backup before taking any further action that may result in a complete deletion of the data. Taking extra precautions will guarantee you peace of mind and prevent unnecessary worry if something unexpected occurs.

3. Do Not Exit DFU/Recovery Mode While On The Process

Lastly, to ensure the removal of security lockout is successful, it's essential that you do not attempt any other processes, such as exiting DFU/recovery mode during this time.

Part 3: How to Unlock iPad Security Lock?

Now that your device is charged, backed up, and ready to go, you can remove the iPad security lockout. Here are five methods on how to bypass security lockout on iPad:

Method 1. iPad Security Lockout Bypass Using iTunes

Unlocking your iPad with iTunes can be an easy process, but it will come at the cost of erasing all data from your device. Always back up your iDevice before unlocking it through iTunes to ensure you don't lose important information. Follow the below steps to learn how you can bypass iPad security lockout using iTunes:

Step 1: Launch the "iTunes" application on your PC, and use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to the PC.

Step 2: Click the "iPad" icon on the top left, and tap the "Restore iPad" option.

Step 3: Then iTunes will reset your device, and the security lockout will be erased.

remove ipad security lockout using itunes

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Method 2. Unlock iPad Security Lock Using Recovery Mode

Does your iPad say security lockout when you want to use it? You can make use of recovery mode to bypass iPad security lockout. Recovery mode allows you to reset your iPad, restore factory settings, and install a new version of iOS. To use recovery mode to unlock iPad security lockout, follow the steps below:

Step 1: To enter recovery mode in iPads with Face ID, press the "Volume Up" button, followed by the "Volume Down" button, and then, the "Power" key. You should then observe that recovery mode is displayed on your iPad. If your iPad has a "Home" button, press and hold the "Home" & "Power" buttons simultaneously to invoke recovery mode.

unlock ipad security lockout with recovery mode

Step 2: Connect your iPad to your computer, and you will see the "Restore" popup. Click the "Restore" icon to remove the security lockout on your iPad.

Step 3: Upon seeing the dialog box on your PC notifying you of a problem with your iPad, click "Restore" and continue forward. This will reset your device, erase the passcode and remove the iPad security lockout message.

bypass security lock with recovery mode

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Method 3. Remove Security Lockout on iPad Using iCloud

iCloud is Apple's cloud storage service that has many outstanding features. You can use iCloud to store data, photos, and music. It also allows you to back up your iDevice from time to time. You can even use it to bypass security lockout on iPad. However, you must have the "Find My iPad" app-enabled to utilize iCloud. Below are the steps that you should follow to remove security lockout on your iPad Using iCloud:

Step 1: Using your computer, navigate to the iCloud website and sign into your Apple account.

Step 2: Tap on the "Find My" button on your iCloud menu. Wait for the "Find My iPad" to load and tap on the "All Devices" button. After that, choose your iPad from the available list of devices.

Step 3: Tap on the "Erase iPad" button at the top-right side of the menu. Then enter your iCloud password when prompted, and your device will be remotely erased. This will take effect once you connect your iPad to the internet and remove the security lockout from your device.

erase security lockout on ipad using icloud

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Method 4. Remove iPad Security Lockout Using Siri

Although using Siri is an effective method, it is not an accepted technique and may be rendered useless in the future. Nonetheless, if you still want to take a chance on this method to fix the iPad security lockout issue, follow the below simple steps:

Step 1: Activate Siri on your device and ask Siri to open the clock.

Step 2. Open the "World Clock" interface by clicking the "Clock" icon. After that, hit on the "+". On the search bar, type something, tap the "Select All" button, and hit the "Share" button.

Step 3. Tap on the "Message" button, navigate to the "To" option, type anything, and tap on the "+" to move to a new contact. Next, hit on the "Create New Contact" button, tap on the "Add Photo" button, and then hit on the "Choose Photo" option.

Step 4: If you wait patiently, the "Photo" feature will be available, and you can browse through any album of your choice. Once open, press the home button to access all other iPad features seamlessly.

use siri to eliminate security lockout on ipad

Part 4: How to Bypass Security Lockout on iPad via iOS Unlock? (Easiest)

Have you tried all the other methods without succeeding? Don't get discouraged since you can use iOS Unlock. This software will help you remove iPad security lockout in a few clicks. iOS Unlock is the most effective and simplest solution, offering a higher success rate and fewer restrictions. With iOS Unlock, bypassing iPad security lockout and unlocking your iPhone without a password is just a few simple steps away. Never worry about being locked off your device when you have this incredibly helpful software.

Below are the cutting-edge features that make iOS Unlock an ideal solution:

  • Help in removing iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone screen locks.
  • Assist in unlocking face ID, Touch ID, passcode, and more types of locks.
  • Remove iTunes backup passwords without hassle.
  • No jailbreaking to bypass iCloud activation locks.
  • Help you bypass MDM and remove the MDM profile without data loss.
  • Don't require technical knowledge, and involve easy steps.
  • Unlock iDevices without the service provider's restrictions.

Download this iOS unlocking software.

Follow the instructions below to use iOS Unlock to bypass the iPad security lockout issue:

01Launch the iOS Unlock Software

Launch the application after downloading and installing it on your PC and click the "Screen Unlock" button.

02Connect the iPad to the PC

Use a lighting cable to connect your iPad to the PC and click on the "Trust" popup to authenticate the connection. After that, click on the button named "Unlock iOS Screen".

unlock ipad security lockout

03Boot iPad in DFU or Recovery Mode

To bypass an iPhone lock screen, boot it into DFU or Recovery mode by following the instructions on the screen. The Recovery mode is usually preferred for removing iOS screen locks.

After that, iOS Unlock will showcase the corresponding device data, such as "System Version" and "Device Model". If what you see isn't accurate, select the correct information using the dropdown menu provided. Then click "Download" to download up-to-date firmware explicitly tailored for your gadget.

select ios version to bypass the lock

04Fast Remove iPad Security Lockout

When the firmware download is complete, click the "Unlock Now" button to initiate the unlocking procedure on your iPad. In only a matter of moments, your iPad will unlock effortlessly. However, please note that this unlocking method wipes the content on your device.

bypass ipad security lock fast

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Note: FAQs on iPad Security Lockout

Q1. How much time does the iPad Security Lockout last?

If you're locked out of your iPad, the minimum time it will take to regain access to re-input your password is one minute. However, in some cases involving a security lockout, that block could last up to 15 minutes.

Q2. Can I reset my iPad's security lock without sacrificing any data?

Unfortunately, resetting your iPad's security lockout will erase all its settings and contents. However, you can restore them from a previously made backup.


No one wants to get locked out of their iPad, especially when they need to access important information. Rely on iOS Unlock, and you can bypass the iPad security lockout in a jiffy. This powerful software will help you get back into your device quickly. So don't wait any longer. Give iOS Unlock a try today and regain access to your iPad.s

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