Full Guide on Dreepy Evolve: Where to Catch Dreepy & Evolve It


With regard to the latest Pokemon available in every new area, the Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon ranks among the most distinctive ones they ever had. Therefore, it is easy to understand why it is a top choice for players in their playthrough and betting or on the internet. Drakloak and Dreepy are amongst the most amazing Pokemon in Shield and Sword games. Thanks to their crazy speed and amazing hostile details, they are good for aggressive fights and post-game. Below are some tips that will teach you how to evolve Dreepy. Besides, you will learn other exciting things about its progressive relatives.

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Part 1. Is Dreepy So Rare?

Dreepy is one of the most highly picky Pokemon. It shows up in some atmospheric conditions. Therefore, you must confirm that the environment is perfect before catching one. This makes the pursuit of one complicated.

You may be wondering what Dreepy evolves to. This Ghost and Dragon-type species have two further development stages for you to anticipate as a player, which makes it the most desired Pokemon in this game. The two progressive forms of this species are Dragapult and Drakloak. Now, you might be wondering at which level it evolves. Dreepy grows into the two forms at levels 60 and 50, respectively.

In the following section, you will learn how to evolve Dreepy in Shield and Sword Pokemon because it is too rare to find a Dreepy.

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Part 2. What Level Does Dreepy Evolve in Pokemon Sword

Drakloak evolves by upgrading the game only. Therefore, it doesn't require evolution stones. To evolve Pokemon to Dragapult, you must first upgrade your Dreepy level up to 50, which is referred to as a Drakloak. Afterward, the Dreepy can evolve into the Dragapult when level 60 is reached.

what level does dreepy evolve in pokemon sword

Part 3. Where To Find Dreepy In Pokemon Sword And Shield

Before you look for Dreepy, you must first complete some prerequisites. You have to unlock the surf adjustment for the Rotom Bike. For this, you must explore Route nine once you complete the Circhester Gym. Once you complete the prerequisite, go to your Dreepy location, Wild Area, or Lake of Outrage, to be more specific. This is found on the North side of the Shield Wild Arena and Pokemon Sword.

After you have crossed the river, you'll reach a zone where several rare Pokemon breeds occasionally. This is where you are likely to get Dreepy. However, you must be patient enough to catch the Dreepy Pokemon since the chance of coming across one is only five percent, and in most cases, it hides in the grass. Therefore, there's a high probability of missing it.

Besides, there is a two percent chance of Dreepy spawning when there's a thunderstorm and heavy fog and a one percent chance in Overcast weather. Lucky for you, you can find Drakloak, the first evolution of Dreepy, in the forest. The chances are very low, but you can hunt for it in both Overcast and rain.

Another way you can get the Dreepy Pokemon is by catching the female and the male Drakloak. Put the pair in a Pokemon nursery so that together they can produce a Dreepy. But, indeed, only a few players have ever done that.

where to find dreepy in pokemon

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Part 4. How to Evolve Dreepy in Pokemon Sword and Shield

When you reach level 50, your Pokemon automatically evolves into a Drakloak. When this Drakloak reaches level 60, it becomes a Dragapult. The fascinating thing is that you will get Last Resort when you reach level 78, Dragon Rush when you reach Level 63, and Phantom Power when you reach Level 48.

The best performance by Delagano in this competition is attributed to the Adamant. Since the Dragapult may be swift than the Pokemon you meet, you need to attack. Specifically, pick the Ditto to support Dreepy and then find some high IV 1 with the best abilities. Finally, you will have good attackers in the game to help you win your ultimate Dragapult. (Are you interested in Best Spoofing Apps for Pokemon Go on iOS and Android?)

Part 5. How to Evolve Drakloak in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Drakloak and Dreepy can be difficult to capture in Pokemon Shield and Sword because only a few areas house "serendipity." Normally, the probability of getting the Drakloak during overcast is only one percent, and two percent during thunderstorms at the Lake of Outrage. Therefore, you must move towards this zone to increase it. Typically, the probability of hitting the Drakloak around levels 55 and 58 is one to two percent.

Moreover, you can stay in the Wild Area so that the Drakloak can hit the jackpot. You need to have twenty-five candies to change Dreepy into Drakloak, after which the Pokemon will go through extra ten levels to become a Dragapult.

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From this post, you know how to evolve Dreepy and when the Drakloak evolves so as to enjoy attacks with enough powers. If these methods do not work, you can always use the GPS Changer app to change your location so that you can find more Pokemon.

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