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As one of the most popular social platforms with millions of daily active users, Twitter's user basis continues to expand, and its features improve increasingly. However, many users were disturbed and apprehensive when they learned that Twitter could track their locations anytime. On the one hand, they feel that their privacy is no place to hide; on the other hand, harassment from nearby strangers makes them sleepless the whole night. Thus, they are dying to know: Can you fake your location on Twitter? And how to fake Twitter location?

No worries! This tutorial will explain three workable solutions step by step.

fake twitter location

Part 1. FAQs about Twitter Locations
Part 2. Why Do You Want to Fake Location on Twitter?
Part 3. How to Add Fake Location on Twitter via Location Changer
Part 4. How to Make a Fake Location on Twitter with Fake GPS Location
Part 5. How to Do Fake Location on Twitter Using Fake GPS

Part 1. FAQs about Twitter Locations

Below are some FAQs you may concern about.

1. Can Twitter Track Your Location?

Yes. Generally, the location service of Twitter is disabled by default. Once enabled, it will track your geographic location and use your information while using the app to recommend location-based services and topics around your site.

2. How to Add Your Location to Your Tweets?

  • Click the three-dot icon on the left navigation panel.
  • Choose Settings and privacy > Privacy and safety > Data sharing and off-Twitter activity > Location information.
  • Check the Add location information to your Tweets option.

add your location to your tweets

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3. Why Can't I Add a Location on Twitter?

If you cannot add a location to your Tweets, check if you have enabled the location services for Twitter. Also, you can click the location marker and tag a wanted location when editing your Tweets.

4. How to Turn on Precise Location on Twitter?

  • Tap your profile on Twitter.
  • Choose Settings and privacy > Privacy and safety > Precise location under Location.
  • Enable the option.

turn on precise location on twitter

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Part 2. Why Do You Want to Fake Location on Twitter?

Here is a list of some common reasons for faking locations on Twitter:

  • Protect personal privacy.
  • Making new friends from other corners around the world.
  • Prank your friends or family that you are touring to other countries or regions.

Part 3. How to Add Fake Location on Twitter via Location Changer

The ultimate way to fake the Twitter location is using the Location Changer. It can spoof your iOS or Android GPS location worldwide and fake locations on WhatsApp, Facebook, Tinder, Pokemon Go, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.

Key features of Location Changer:

  • Fake Twitter locations to anywhere you want.
  • Support Two-spot and Multi-spot modes.
  • Change GPS locations on up to 5 different iOS devices simultaneously.
  • Import GPX files of your path history.
  • Fake locations by inputting the city name or setting exact coordinates.
  • Apply to social media platforms, AR games, dating apps, and geo-specific services.
  • Work with phones and tablets running iOS 7 to iOS 15 & Android 5 to Android 12, such as iPhone 14 Pro/14/SE (3rd generation)/13 Pro Max/13 Pro/13/13 mini, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra/S22+/S22, etc.

location changer windows versionlocation changer mac version

Note: The mac version doesn't work with Android devices.

How to change location on Twitter in a few clicks?

1. Install and run Location Changer on your computer and tap Get Started to continue.

install location changer on your computer

2. Plug your phone into the computer using the original USB cable.

3. Tap the Teleport Mode at the top-right corner and enter and search any place you want to change.

4. Click the Move button below to change your location to that address. Once done, the Twitter app will automatically change to the virtual location.

the ultimate way to fake twitter location

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Part 4. How to Make a Fake Location on Twitter with Fake GPS Location

Fake GPS Location is a top-ranked way to spoof Twitter location on Android devices. Over 10,000 installs witness the user-friendly and feature-rich app for non-tech-savvy.

Key features of Fake GPS Location:

  • Change your GPS location instantly.
  • Keep the history movement.
  • Automatically start from the last location history.
  • Automatic update to the latest version.

You can learn more and experience the app from Google Play Store.

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Part 5. How to Do Fake Location on Twitter Using Fake GPS

Fake GPS earns 4.3/5 scores in Google Play Store and is a premium location spoofing app. It enables you to mock your location with a few taps on your Android device. Before faking locations, you must enable Allow Mock Locations and the Location services on your Android device.

Key features of Fake GPS:

  • Spoof your location as you want.
  • Record your past paths and locations.
  • Simple and intuitive to use.

Click here to learn more about Fake GPS.


This post introduces three ways to effectively fake Twitter locations. Among them, I strongly recommend you try Location Changer, the easiest, fastest, and most efficient tool for Twitter location spoofing. Worth noting that other location-based apps, social platforms, and dating apps on your phone will also automatically update to the virtual location. Thus, it is worthwhile to give it a try.

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