Coolmuster Android Assistant Crack to Download? Practical Tips


More and more Android users like backing up their mobile phone data with a professional backup tool, like Coolmuster Android Assistant. It is a powerful Android managing tool capable of keeping your data like SMS, apps, music, and many more in just one place on your computer safely. And the best thing is that you will achieve all that in just 1 click.

But is there Coolmuster Android Assistant crack to download? Maybe you are also looking for a crack version but concerned about its safety. Anyway, this guide will declare all details about this software. Let's learn about it.

coolmuster android assistant crack to download

Part 1: Is There Coolmuster Android Assistant Crack to Free Download?
Part 2: Why Cracked Software Is Not Recommended?
Part 3: Get Official Coolmuster Android Assistant License Key [Coupon Offered]
Part 4: How to Activate Coolmuster Android Assistant Registration Code?
Part 5: How to Manage Data with Coolmuster Android Assistant Effectively?

Part 1: Is There Coolmuster Android Assistant Crack to Free Download?

First of all, a crack program is usually free to download. Perhaps you will see a crack version of Coolmuster Android Assistant in the app market instead of its official website. That means you can bypass the registration and license key. However, it is not safe to download crack software. Go on to read the next part, and you will know why.

Part 2: Why Cracked Software Is Not Recommended?

You shouldn't use cracked software due to well-known reasons. Below are the reasons why:

1. The crack version can't be upgraded. The developers will always upgrade the software regularly provided there's an update. Still, the cracked software will never be upgraded, which might make it lag behind.

2. The cracked version does not have official support. While using any software, either cracked or official, there might be some errors. The difference is that you may easily log in to the support team and be helped out with the official version. As for the cracked version, you will not have a person to turn to if you encounter an issue.

3. There is high risk of getting a virus. The cracked software isn't guaranteed security, and there are high chances of downloading a virus with it.

4. The cracked software might not be clean. These apps may come with span advertisements or some third-party apps.

5. The cracked software is illegal.

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Part 3: Get Official Coolmuster Android Assistant License Key [Coupon Offered]

With the Coolmuster Android Assistant, you are sure of a safer tool that will work on all Android devices and tablets. Supported by HTC, Motorola, Samsung, ZTE, LG, and many more, this a tool to opt for. It's very safe and works with read-only operations to hinder damaging your Android data and the computer. You have to get an official Coolmuster Android Assistant license key to be able to use its features to the fullest.

Surprisingly, Coolmuster Android Assistant has a 20% discount coupon: COOL-RBWN-GIGS. You can register it at a more affordable price.

Part 4: How to Activate Coolmuster Android Assistant Registration Code?

After ordering this software, you will receive an email containing the license code as well as the URL to download the software. After downloading and launching the tool, follow the below steps to activate the registration code:

Step 1: Once you've downloaded the software, you'll see the toolbox showing different separately charged software. Enter the Android Assistant module to register the Coolmuster Android Assistant.

Step 2: From there, tap the Key button at the right top part of the main interface.

Step 3: Tap Register found on the software's interface to reach the register interface.

register coolmuster android assistant

Step 4: Enter your licensed email and code to finish the registration. After registering the software, restart it to experience its full functions.

enter coolmuster registration code

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Part 5: How to Manage Data with Coolmuster Android Assistant Effectively?

Coolmuster Android Assistant is a popular software worldwide. This is a useful software that's loved by many. The major reason is its user-friendly interface. Besides, this tool manages your data perfectly.

windows version of coolmuster android assistant mac version of coolmuster android assistant

Here is how to manage your data with the Coolmuster Android Assistant:

Step 1: Download, Install, and Launch Coolmuster Android Assistant

Launch the tool first on your computer. You will then see a toolbox where you enter the Android Assistant module to access the Coolmuster Android Assistant.

access coolmuster android assistant on the computer

Step 2: Connect Your Android Device to the Computer

Ensure your device is connected to the computer using a USB cable. From there, the tool will detect the mobile device. Then the software will recognize your device after you enable the USB debugging mode on your Android device.

connect android phone to the computer

Step 3: Manage Your Android Data

After establishing the connection, you can view your Android data in different categories.

manage android data on the computer

Click one, and you can manage you data with different features, such as exporting, importing, adding, deleting, etc.

manage android data with menu

To back up all your Android phone in 1 click, you can tap the Super Toolkit > Backup, and select the file types you want. Finally, click the Back Up icon to start the process.

back up android data to the computer in 1 click

Also, you can tap the Restore feature to get your backup data back to your Android device.

restore data from the computer to your android device

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This video guide can also teach you to use Coolmuster Android Assistant.


As we sum up, the Coolmuster Android Assistant program is the major software that's committed to the ever-growing needs of Android users. It provides maximum, top-notch, and easier to use video switch as well as restoration features. With a professional trying-out technique and an online carrier system that's spontaneous, this tool surely stands out.

Furthermore, you can now purchase a registration code for this software with a 20% discount, which is safer than downloading the Coolmuster Android Assistant crack version.

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