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Top 7 iCloud for Android Alternative You'd Better Know


iCloud provides an excellent solution for Apple users to store and back up files from iOS devices, sync data with another device, and share files with friends or family. If you are using an Android phone, you may wonder: Is there an iCloud equivalent for Android? Well, there are many outstanding apps out there for you to sync, share, or manage Android files. In this post, we will introduce 7 iCloud for Android alternatives. Read on and try the one you prefer.

 icloud for android alternative

1. Google Drive
2. Dropbox
3. Coolmuster Android Assistant
4. OneDrive
5. Box
6. SugarSync
7. Amazon Drive

Here is the list of 7 best iCloud alternatives for Android:

1. Google Drive

The first iCloud for Android alternative you should know is Google Drive. Developed by Google, Google Drive is a data storage app that allows users to store files from any smartphone, tablet, or computer to the Cloud. It is an outstanding Cloud app that you can use to back up your files on your Android phone over Wi-Fi.

icloud for android alternative - google drive

Key features of Google Drive:

• Store your files like videos, photos, and documents to the Cloud.

• It offers 15 GB storage space for free.

• You can share files with others, invite others to view or leave comments of your files.

• Easily search, locate, and manage the files stored to the Cloud.


* A very convenient app that allows you to access your files from different platforms.

* It offers the web client for you to manage files from PC, saving you from the trouble of downloading the software.


* The synchronization process is time-consuming and can be unstable sometimes.

* The interface is a little complex and some people may get confused.

Download Google Drive from here >>

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2. Dropbox

Dropbox is another excellent iCloud equivalent for Android that provides cloud storage service for different devices. It is a very popular file storage app among users. It allows you to upload files from your Android device to the cloud for a backup. You can also easily share your files with anyone using Dropbox.

icloud equivalent for android - dropbox

Key features of Dropbox:

• Back up files like photos, videos, documents and other files to the cloud storage.

• It provides individual and team plans for personal or business use.

• It offers 2 GB free storage space.

• It allows you to access any file in your Dropbox account, even offline.


* A simple solution to store various files on your Android or other devices.

* You can easily access your files from different devices with your Dropbox account.


* It provides very limited free storage space.

* The paid plans are expensive compared to other cloud services.

* The transferring process between devices is slow.

Download Dropbox from here >>

3. Coolmuster Android Assistant

If you are looking for an alternative to iCloud for Android to make a backup of your entire Android phone, Coolmuster Android Assistant can be your ideal choice. It is a one-stop Android data managing software that allows you to back up files from Android to the computer with one click. It also enables you to restore the backups to any Android phone with the original quality and format.

alternative to icloud for android - coolmuster android assistant

Key features of Coolmuster Android Assistant:

One-click to back up files from Android to computer, including apps, contacts, call logs, messages, music, photos, videos, and books.

• Restore backups to any Android phone with lossless quality.

• Transfer files between Android and computer freely.

• Manage your files like contacts, call logs, SMS directly on computer.

• Connect your Android phone to computer via a USB or over Wi-Fi.


* The Backup & Restore feature allows you to safely store almost all your Android files to PC with simple steps.

* It makes it much easier to manage the massive files on your Android phone.

* It comes with Windows and Mac versions and supports almost all the Android phones.

* The backup file size depends on the storage of your computer.


* It doesn't allow you to perform automatic backup for your Android.

Here are the downloading buttons for Coolmuster Android Assistant:

download the icloud for android alternative windows version download the icloud for android alternative mac version


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4. OneDrive

OneDrive is a cloud storage service from Microsoft, which can also be the Android version of iCloud. You can set up the auto backup for your photos and videos using OneDrive. It can work with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook.

android version of icloud - microsoft onedrive

Key features of OneDrive:

• Back up files like photos and videos to OneDrive and access the files from your phone or computer.

• Easily share files with friends and family with the option to set password-protected.

• It provides 5 GB of free cloud storage.


* Store your files safely.

* Easily share files with others.


* The syncing speed is slow and it delays sometimes.

Download Microsoft OneDrive from here >>

5. Box

Box is one of the best iCloud alternative for Android that you should give it a try. It allows you to safely store, manage and share your data like photos, documents, and other files. You can access the files stored on Box from your computer or Android device.

 icloud for android alternative - box

Key features of Box:

• It offers 10 GB storage for free.

• Share files to others with a link.

• It supports viewing up to 200+ file types, like PDF, Word, Excel, AI, and PSD, etc.


* It is easy to operate.

* It allows you to access files and folders offline.


* It takes a long time to upload files.

Download Box from here >>

6. SugarSync

SugarSync allows you to sync files on your computer or Android device. It can be your iCloud replacements on Android that enables you to store data to the cloud. And this cloud service is a very ideal choice for users who need large storage space.

icloud for android alternative - sugarsync

Key features of SugerSync:

• Sync photos, music, and other files automatically to the cloud.

• Send files easily from one device to another.

• The ability to erase the files in case your device got lost or stolen.


* It allows you to manage and organize folders easily.


* It doesn't provide free storage but 30 days of a free trial.

* It doesn't allow you to preview file before uploading.

Download SugarSync from here >>

7. Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive is a good iCloud alternative for Android phone that contains all the basic functions of a cloud service. You can store and access the document, music, photos and videos on Amazon Drive. You can also organize your files in an easy manner with Amazon Drive.

alternative to icloud for android - amazon drive

Key features of Amazon Drive:

• Upload and access various files including photos, videos, documents, etc.

• Preview files, create folders and sub-folders, move files between folders.

• Share files as links and attachments.

• Provide 5 GB of free storage space.


* The interface is simple and flexible.

* A great app to store and organize photos on your Android phone.


* It may get stuck during the uploading and you don't have the option to cancel an upload.

Download Amazon Cloud Drive from here >>

Final Words

After reading this post, you've known 7 great iCloud for Android alternatives along with their main features and pros and cons, download the app you prefer and have a try.

BTW, If you are looking for a data managing software that can help you manage your Android files easily, Coolmuster Android Assistant is here for you. Welcome to try the trial version of this software. If there are any problems during use, feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below.

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