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How to Sync Outlook Contacts with Android Mobile Phone?

If you have recently invested in a shiny new mobile phone, but your important contacts are stuck in that strange limbo between Microsoft Outlook and Android compatible, you might be wondering how on earth anybody manages to make the leap from one to the other. As every new Android owner quickly realizes, it is something which cannot be done without the help of third party tools. This doesn’t mean that it cannot be done. It simply takes a little extra time and attention. The good news is that there is no need for either expensive syncing apps, or indeed the other extreme; unreliable and poorly developed free alternatives.

Here are step by step guides which can provide you with the basics that you need to learn how to transfer Outlook contacts to Android devices.

Option 1 - Syncing with Microsoft Exchange
Option 2 - Syncing Contacts with Gmail
Editor's Choice: Transfer Contacts between Android and Computer

Option 1 - Syncing with Microsoft Exchange

Step One: On your Android device, open the Play Store and locate the Outlook application. Once found, download the program by pressing the INSTALL button. It can be opened after downloading, by pressing the OPEN button.

Step Two: Log in to your Outlook account, by entering the necessary details (the same email address and password used to access Outlook on a computer). The program should then request a new nickname - choose a name and press the NEXT button. The nickname should be then be displayed as a tab on the Outlook navigation panel. This is the tab that you need to press, if you want to look at your email messages.

Step Three: Now, it is time to tailor your app, by pressing the MENU button and selecting ACCOUNT SETTINGS. The whole of your Outlook contacts directory can now be imported by pressing the CONTACTS button, and then the SYNC CONTACTS function. This should result in all contacts being imported to your Android device.

Option 2 - Syncing Contacts with Gmail

Step One: On your computer, open Outlook and find the import tool by pressing the FILE button, and selecting OPTIONS, ADVANCED and then EXPORT – in that order. Now, press EXPORT TO A FILE and select the NEXT button. In the File Type tab, you need to find and select the COMMA-SEPERATED VALUES option. This is a tool which stores contact lists in a user friendly form.

Step Two: You need to choose a contact file within the SELECT FOLDER tab. As Outlook contacts are imported in the form of an CSV file, they can only be exported one folder at a time. This can be frustrating, but it should not take too long, or be too difficult a task. Select the SAVE EXPORTED FILE tab, press the BROWSE button, and pick a suitable spot in which to put your CSV contacts. Press the OKAY button, and then choose a name for the CSV folder – repeat until all contact lists are exported, and then press the FINISH button.

Step Three: Take a trip to the Gmail homepage, and sign in to your account. If you do not have one, you need to create one. On the main page, press the GMAIL tab and select the CONTACTS button. Launch the import function by pressing MORE, and selecting IMPORT. Now, select the CHOOSE FILE button, and find your previously exported CVS folders. These folders can be imported by simply pressing the IMPORT button. The contacts list should then be displayed within the CONTACTS tab.

Step Four: Now, log in to Google using your Android device. If the device has already been synced, the contacts will be uploaded automatically. However, if Google and the device are not linked, you need to select the ALL APPS button, and then press SETTINGS. In this order, select ACCOUNTS AND SYNC, ADD ACCOUNT, GOOGLE, and then EXISTING. Once you have provided your Gmail log in details, all contacts should start to be uploaded to your Android device.

Editor's Choice: Transfer Contacts between Android and Computer with Android Assistant

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