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Are Photos Not Uploading to iCloud? 9 Useful Solutions to Fix It


"I had 2,000 photos that were not uploaded to iCloud. I then bought an extra 50GB, but my photos aren't uploading on iCloud. How do I get them to upload?"

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When using an iPhone or iPad, iCloud Photo Library is a super convenient feature that allows us to access and back up photos anytime, anywhere. However, sometimes, when we try to sync photos to iCloud, we encounter issues like photos not uploading to iCloud. Why are some of my photos not uploading to iCloud? How can we fix this problem? Read this article, and you'll find all the answers. Ready? Let's get started!

photos not uploading to icloud


Part 1. Why Are My Photos Not Uploading to iCloud?

Before diving deep into solutions, it's crucial to understand the common reasons that may prevent photos from uploading to iCloud. Only by understanding the root of the problem can we find appropriate solutions. Here are some common causes:

  • Unstable internet connection: Network fluctuations or weak signals can cause upload failures.
  • Insufficient device battery: When the battery is low, the phone may automatically limit background activities to conserve power.
  • Apple ID issues: Incorrect Apple ID or abnormal login status can affect the use of iCloud services.
  • Incorrect iCloud Photo settings: iCloud Photo Library is not enabled, or the settings are incorrect.
  • Insufficient iCloud storage: When the iCloud storage space reaches its limit, new photos cannot be uploaded.
  • Apple system service interruption: Apple servers may experience temporary failures.
  • Outdated iOS version: Older versions of iOS may have compatibility issues with iCloud services.

Part 2. How to Fix Photos Not Uploading to iCloud

If your iCloud stopped syncing photos, don't worry. This section will provide detailed solutions to help you troubleshoot and ensure that your photos can be uploaded smoothly.

Fix 1. Check Network Connection

A stable internet connection is a basic requirement for uploading photos to iCloud. If the connection is unstable or too slow, it may result in upload failures. You can try the following steps:

  • Ensure that your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Reset network settings: Go to "Settings" > "General" > "Reset" > "Reset Network Settings".

reset network settings to fix photos not uploading to icloud

Fix 2. Check Device Battery

If the device's battery is low, the upload process may be paused. You can:

  • Check Battery Level: Look at the battery percentage in the top right corner of the screen to ensure it's sufficient.
  • Charge: If the battery is below 20%, connect to a power source to charge. (Is iPhone overheating when charging?)
  • Turn off Low Power Mode: Go to "Settings" > "Battery" > turn off "Low Power Mode".
  • turn off low power mode to fix photos not syncing to icloud

  • Consider Battery Replacement: If the battery is severely degraded, it may affect device performance even when fully charged. It's recommended to consult Apple's official or authorized service center for battery replacement.

Fix 3. Check Your Apple ID

The Apple ID serves as the key to access iCloud services. Incorrect Apple ID settings or abnormal login status will directly affect the photo upload function.

To check your Apple ID: Go to "Settings" > [Your Name] to verify if the currently logged-in Apple ID is correct.

If the Apple ID is incorrect or the login status is abnormal, sign out and sign in again.

Navigate to "Settings" > [Your Name] > scroll down and tap "Sign Out", then follow the prompts to sign in again.

sign out an then sign in your apple id to fix icloud photos not uploading

If you want to change your Apple ID but don't want to losing everything, you can read this article.

How to Change Apple ID without Losing Data [Proven Tutorial]

Fix 4. Check iCloud Photos Settings

If your photos are not syncing to iCloud, there is something wrong with your iCloud Photos settings. You must ensure that the iCloud Photos feature is turned on. If it's already on, try turning it off and then turning it back on to see if the problem is resolved. To check your iCloud Photos settings, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Open "Settings" > [Your Name] > "iCloud" > "Photos".

Step 2. Make sure "iCloud Photos" is turned on or turn it off and turn it back on again.

turn on icloud photos to fix icloud not updating photos

Fix 5. Check iCloud Storage

Not enough iCloud storage is another reason for iCloud photos not uploading. You can view your iCloud storage in "Settings". To check your iCloud storage, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Open the "Settings" app.

Step 2. Tap on your Apple ID profile at the top of the screen.

Step 3. Select "iCloud". The top bar will display your current iCloud storage and the remaining available space used for storing uploaded photos and videos.

free up icloud stprage to fix pictures not syncing to icloud

If the space is insufficient, you can delete unnecessary backups, app data, or photos to free up space. Alternatively, you can consider upgrading your iCloud storage plan.

Fix 6. Check the Apple System Status Page

iCloud not updating photos can occur due to disruptions. Sometimes, Apple's servers may experience issues. You can visit the Apple System Status page to check for any service outages. If you see a red dot, it indicates that the service is disrupted, and you should wait patiently for Apple to resolve the issue.

check apple system status to fix icloud stopped syncing photos

Fix 7. Update Your iOS Version

Ensure that your device is running the latest version of iOS. Older versions of iOS may cause compatibility issues that prevent pictures from syncing to iCloud. To update your iOS version, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Go to "Settings" > "General" > "Software Update".

Step 2. If an update is available, tap on the "Download and Install" button and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the update process.

update ios to fix why are my photos not uploading to icloud

Fix 8. Restart the iPhone

Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve many issues, such as photos not uploading to iCloud. Try restarting your iPhone and then uploading the photos again. Here are the steps:

Step 1. Press and hold the "Power" and "Volume" buttons together until a slider appears on your screen.

Step 2. Slide the switch to turn off your device.

Step 3. After a short break, press and hold the "Power" button again to turn your device back on.

restart iphone to fix why are some of my photos not uploading to icloud

Fix 9. Contact Apple Support

If none of the above methods resolve the issue, it could be a more complex issue. You may need to contact Apple's official customer support or visit an Apple Store for professional help to obtain more specific solutions and personalized support.

Part 3. The Best Way to Back Up iPhone Photos

While iCloud is a convenient method for photo backup, it's not always reliable, and you might encounter various issues, such as photos not syncing to iCloud. Additionally, iCloud's free storage space is limited. Therefore, to ensure the safety of your photos, we recommend using Coolmuster iOS Assistant. This is a professional iPhone data management tool that helps you easily back up and manage your iPhone photos. With Coolmuster iOS Assistant, you can quickly transfer photos to your computer without any need for an internet connection or worrying about storage space limitations.

Highlights of Coolmuster iOS Assistant:

Follow the steps below to use iOS Assistant to back up your iPhone photos to your computer:

01Download, install, and launch this software on your computer. Connect your iPhone to your computer via a USB cable.

02Hit the "Trust" option on your iPhone and "Continue" option on your computer. Once connected successfully, you will see the main interface of this tool.

the main interface of ios assistant

03Click the "Photos" category on the left panel, and select and preview the photos you want to transfer on the right panel. After that, click the "Export" button to transfer your iPhone photos to your computer.

how to back up iphone photos to computer using ios assistant

Video Tutorial:

Sum Up

There could be multiple reasons why iCloud photos are not uploading, but through the methods introduced in this article, you can troubleshoot and resolve these issues one by one. Additionally, to better protect your photos, we recommend using Coolmuster iOS Assistant for backup and management. This not only enhances data security but also gives you greater peace of mind when using your iPhone.

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