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How to Upload Photos to iCloud in 4 Easy Approaches?


So you want to upload the photos you've captured on your vacay to iCloud to keep them safe? Or there are so many of them on your iPhone and are taking up a lot of space. Whatever the reason, uploading your pictures to iCloud is the best thing to do. The importance of iCloud can't be ignored. iCloud is a service for storing and syncing data to keep all your devices' information up-to-date, and you can also restore data from iCloud anytime in need.

Uploading your pictures to iCloud allows you to keep your precious memories safe and provide easier accessibility. Considering all this, you can see why it's such an important thing for Apple users to move their field to iCloud. We have created this guide solely to show you how to upload photos to iCloud.

upload photos to icloud


Part 1. What to Keep in Mind Before Uploading Photos to iCloud

Are you wondering how to transfer photos to iCloud? Well, it is pretty easy. You won't feel happy to discover that your photos are lost because iCloud couldn't sync as it should on your iOS device. There are some things to consider to ensure the transfer process is successful. Here are some of the requirements to take into account;

* Make sure your iCloud account has enough space.
* Ensure you've signed into the correct iCloud account on your iPhone.
* iCloud photos should be enabled on the iPhone.
* There is a stable internet.

These are the important aspects to keep in mind before you can start syncing your photos to iCloud. Enabling iCloud photos means that the pictures will be uploaded to iCloud automatically, with no need to cherry-pick. You have to set up an iPhone to upload all pictures to iCloud.

For those with limited iPhone storage, you can enable iCloud photos and choose the "Optimize iPhone Storage" option to send original pictures to iCloud and keep the small-size images on your iPhone.

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Part 2. How to Upload Photos to iCloud from an iPhone/iPad

It's possible to upload all pictures to iCloud from an iOS device. You only have to enable iCloud Photos, and all your new pictures and videos will be uploaded to iCloud automatically. For those who don't know how to enable iCloud Photos, here is how to go about it;

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone. It's a gray wheel-like icon on the Home screen. Still, you can search for it on the search bar at the top of the screen.

Step 2: Click on your name at the upper part of the Settings page to display your account information.

Step 3: Press the "iCloud" option from the menu and proceed to "Photos."

Step 4: Toggle iCloud Photos from gray to green to turn it on.

upload photos to icloud from iphone

Step 5: Now, new options will appear. The first one is to "Optimize iPhone Storage," which leaves low-quality images on the iPhone and only uploads high-quality original images to iCloud. It's a good option if your storage space isn't much. The other option is "Download and Keep Originals," which will help you keep the original images on your iPhone and iCloud. You should choose this option only if you have sufficient storage.

Step 6: After making your desired selection, the pictures will start uploading to iCloud as it syncs to other devices.

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Part 3. How to Move Photos to iCloud from a Mac

If you are a Mac user, uploading photos to iCloud is doable and easier. You can achieve that by drag and drop functionality. You just select the pictures and drop them in the photo library. All images, videos, and files in the photo library will be transferred to iCloud instantly. Follow these steps to transfer photos to iCloud from a Mac computer;

Step 1: On your Mac, open the Photos application and head to "Photos" and to "Preferences."

Step 2: Look for the iCloud tab and hit the "iCloud Photos" option to start the syncing process. Besides, you can choose either full-sized or smaller optimized versions of the content transferred to iCloud.

move photos to icloud from a mac

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Part 4. How to Transfer Photos to iCloud from Windows Computer

Those with a Windows PC who wish to transfer photos to iCloud can still do that in the following steps. But you should install iCloud for Windows on the PC.

Step 1. Install iCloud for Windows on the computer. You'll see the iCloud icon in the taskbar, right click on it and select the "Open iCloud Settings" option.

Step 2. Next, tap "Options" near "Photos" and turn on the "iCloud Photo Library" option. Then ensure the "Upload new pictures & videos from my PC" option is checked. Copy all pictures you wish to upload to the folder beneath this option.

transfer photos to icloud from windows computer

If your computer doesn't have an iCloud control panel, you can use to upload your pictures. Start by heading to on the computer, log in and select the "Photos" option. Hit "Upload" choose images to transfer, and select "Open" to begin uploading them to iCloud.

Part 5. An Alternative Way to Back Up Photos on iPhone without iCloud

Do you want to upload photos to a computer and create more space on your iPhone? If yes, know there is an easier, professional app to help you achieve that. Coolmuster iOS Assistant is an all in one tool that can't fail you. This is a cool app specially made for transferring data from an iPhone to a computer, and vice versa. It is the best and easiest tool for all iOS users who want to transfer and manage iOS data on a computer. It's a great app for newbies and tech-savvy individuals alike.

Primary Features of Coolmuster iOS Assistant:

* Uploads pictures to the computer to free space on an iOS device.
* It can transfer photos, contacts, notes, text messages, calendars, music, videos, bookmarks, books, etc., quickly.
* Allows one to preview and selectively transfer files to the computer, or copy data from computer to iOS devices.
* You can freely add, edit, or remove data saved on your iOS phone directly from the computer.
* 1 click data backup and restore.
* Support all iOS generations and the iOS 16 versions.
* Works on Mac & Windows computers.

How to use Coolmuster iOS Assistant to upload photos to computer for backup;

01 First, download and install the program on your computer. Launch it and follow the screen to connect your iPhone.

Tip: You have to install the latest version of iTunes before you proceed to launch the program. This is to make sure that the app will recognize the device successfully. But you don't have to carry out iTunes processes while moving your pictures from an iOS device to a computer.

launch ios assistant

02 Now connect your iOS device to the computer using a lighting cable and press the "Trust" option when you see the pop-up window asking you to Trust the Computer. Afterward, click on the "Continue" button. Next, you will see the interface on the screen with your iPhone device connected successfully to the computer.

connect iphone to computer

03 Choose the "Photos" tab from the left panel to open detailed information on the screen. Select the images you want to move and press the "Export" button. All the selected pictures will be uploaded to the computer in a short while.

back up photos to computer with ios assistant

As easy as that! All your pictures are now accessible on the computer. You can access them anytime and move them to a different storage location.

Part 6. FAQs on How to Upload Photos to iCloud

Q1. Will my photos be compressed when I upload them to iCloud?

No, your pictures won’t be compressed when uploading them to iCloud. But if the images were shared in iCloud Shared Album, they'll be compressed to allow them to be sent easily. Files sent by email aren't compressed when being uploaded to iCloud.

Q2. Can I delete my pictures from an iPhone but keep them on Mac?

Yes, you can. If you enabled iCloud photos and signed into your iCloud account on the Mac computer, deleting the photos from your iPhone will make photos on Mac's iCloud be removed as well. Therefore, transfer your pictures to the Mac computer via Coolmuster iOS Assistant, then delete them from your iPhone.

Q3. Why are my photos not being uploaded to iCloud?

There should be a problem with your Internet connection or iCloud server. Verify that you have a strong signal and try connecting to another broadband. Also, insufficient storage can cause problems.


You now know the best ways to upload photos to iCloud and can now have peace of mind that your memories are somewhere safe and can be accessed when in need. Moreover, to transfer your photos to the computer, use Coolmuster iOS Assistant, as it's quick and easier to use.

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