6 Best Methods to Backup iPhone Photos Effectively

Brandon Wood
Aug 29, 2023

It is of vital importance to backup iPhone photos in order to prevent them from vanishing from sight in the instance one's device undergoes a malfunction, gets lost, stolen, or etc. Compared to the number of backup photos from iPhone methods that were available five years ago, nowadays, there are more to consider implementing.

Even so, six methods, in particular, have become the options of choice for thousands of iPhone owners because of their advanced configurations which ensure expected results when placed into action accordingly.

Method 1: How to Backup Photos from iPhone with Coolmuster iOS Assistant
Method 2: Backup Photos from iPhone with AutoPlay
Method 3: Backup Photos from iPhone to Dropbox
Method 4: How to Backup Photos from iPhone to iCloud
Method 5: Backup iPhone Photos to Google Drive
Method 6: Backup iPhone Photos from with Windows Photos App

Method 1: How to Backup Photos from iPhone with Coolmuster iOS Assistant

When "How to backup photos from iPhone?" is the question, Coolmuster iOS Assistant is the solution. It is the easiest method on the market, which comes in handy if you are skeptical about photo backups due to never having performed such action before. Besides using it to backup iPhone photos to PC, one can also utilize it to manage files, and import data from iPhone, iPod and iPad. (The latest iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone XS are supported.)

Due to its simple but yet innovative and effective platform, this method has become the favorite among the crowd. It has been able to garner an abundant number of positive reviews from users; thus, it is always one of the top recommended solutions on different online platforms.

In order to utilize this program satisfactorily, the latest iTunes version should be installed on your computer. You can follow these steps to backup all photos from iPhone to computer or iTunes as a backup file:

- The first step consists of running software on PC. After doing so, you will be prompted to connect device.

connect iphone to pc

- In the second step, you will manage iOS device data as you please. Simply go to "Super Toolkit" > "iTunes Backup & Restore" tab. Remember that you can transfer more than just photos, including music, contacts, videos, notes, books, calendars, and etc. Select what you want to backup.

backup iphone photos

- In step three, you will manage iTunes backup for your iOS device. You will click to backup iOS to either computer or iTunes. Then, click to restore iTunes backup file to iPhone. After conducting this action, import iTunes backup files to your device. This is all there is to it!

backup iphone photos to pc or itunes

Alternatively, you can also go to "My Device" > "Photos" > preview and choose desired pictures > click "Export" button to selectively backup iphone photos to computer if needed.


backup iphone photos to pc selectively

Video Tutorial:

Method 2: Backup Photos from iPhone with AutoPlay

AutoPlay is a very limited solution; therefore, it is not for everybody; nonetheless, nobody can deny its effectiveness when placed into action as suggested. If you want to backup iPhone photos to Mac, this should not be your go-to choice, as it functions better for Windows 7 and 8. Depending on the Windows that you possess, the steps to undertake differ.

On Windows 7:

- For Windows 7, you start off by connecting device to computer and then clicking "Import pictures and videos" on AutoPlay.

- For the second step, click on the "Import settings" link present on the window.

- Then, click on 'Browse' to change the folder to which you want photos to be imported to.

- After the import folder has been chosen, click "ok" to then click on "Import." Quite easy; wouldn't you agree?

backup iphone photos with autoplay

On Windows 8:

When it comes to how to backup photos from iPhone to a computer that comes accompanied by Windows 8, the steps differ to an extent from the aforementioned.

- First, you need to connect device to computer in order to effectively extract photos from iPhone backup.

- Secondly, open "This PC" and then right-click on device and then click on "Import pictures and videos."

- Thirdly, you will click on "Import all new items now" if photos have been transferred before from device. If not, click on "review, organize, and group items to import."

- Fourth step consists of clicking on "More options" to then select folder where photos should be imported into.

- For the final step, select photo groups that should be imported and then click on "Import."

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Method 3: Backup Photos from iPhone to Dropbox

How to backup photos on iPhone with Dropbox? This is a question often asked on different forums, as it might seem difficult at first glance, but it is really not if instructions are followed in every aspect. It is important to highlight that a Dropbox account is required to install this application on device.

- You are first required to launch application and then go to Settings to click on "Camera upload" and then select "On."

- In the second and final step, you will choose if you want app to upload photos when you are on cellular data or Wi-Fi.

- After conducting this, click "Enable," and then "ok" when the access to photos is requested. Dropbox certainly makes photo backup a breeze!

backup iphone photos with dropbox

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Method 4: How to Backup Photos from iPhone to iCloud

Describing how to backup iPhone photos to iCloud is easier than other methods. "How to backup photos from iPhone to iCloud?" has become a piece of cake question to answer for those who opt for this backup iPhone photos to iCloud method.

- To start off, your device should be connected to the Internet so that you can launch Settings.

- Once you do, click on your name and then iCloud and soon right after click on "iCloud Backup". If it is off, toggle on "iCloud backup."

- For the final step, you should click on "Back Up Now". Make sure that device stays connected to the Internet so that the backup process can completed, without interruptions.

backup iphone photos to pc with icloud

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Method 5: Backup iPhone Photos to Google Drive

It is quite facile to backup iPhone photos to Google Drive if you take into consideration the following steps that focus on how to back up iPhone photos, without having to resort to tedious tasks.

- If you have not already, from the iTunes store, download the Google Drive application for device.

- Go to "Settings" and then click on "Photos." Then, click the toggle switch in order for "Auto backup" to be turned on. It is up to you to decide how uploads are performed. It can be either cellular connection or Wi-Fi.

Learning how to backup iPhone photos to computer is quite necessary, but it is also necessary to learn about this other method, as it can come in handy in the near future.

backup iphone photos with google drive 

Method 6: Backup iPhone Photos from with Windows Photos App

This is another good solution; thus, it is worthy of an elaboration that focuses on how to backup photos from iPhone to PC with the aid of it. To utilize this method, you need to have iTunes 12.5.1 and above on PC. If you are looking how to backup photos from iPhone to Mac, this option will not come at your rescue.

To begin, connect device to computer. Follow on-going instructions if a passcode is requested. Click on "start" and then select "photos" to launch Windows Photos application. After doing so, choose "Import" from a "USB Device." This is quite all!

backup iphone photos with windows photos app

Experiment, or Play It Safe

If you have been trying to recover deleted photos from iPhone without backup, it will be a difficult task, hence why these methods are suggested. The best way to backup iPhone photos will depend on your needs and wants. All of these methods are effective; nonetheless, there are limitations present in some instances with some of them.

If you do not have time to experiment, Coolmuster iOS Assistant would be a safe option to choose. It is very easy to use and can ensure that your photos remain safe from deletion, no matter what ends up occurring to your device in the future... if anything.

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