What to Do When You Get a New iPhone: Essential Tips and Tricks


So, you've just laid your hands on a new iPhone. Whether it's an upgrade from a previous model or your first iPhone, it's an eventful and exciting moment.

In all the hype and excitement, it is easy to forget the essentials when you get a new iPhone, including transferring data from your old phone to your new iPhone. To help you make the most of your new device, we've put together a guide on what to do when you get a new iPhone. Find out more below.


Part 1. What to Do Before You Get a New iPhone

Do you wish to transfer data from your current mobile device to a new iPhone? Before getting a new iPhone, there are a few steps you can take to ease your migration.

1. Delete Unnecessary Applications

Performing some basic cleanup will reduce the clutter on your new iPhone. Reassess the installed apps and programs on your current iPhone. Each installed app consumes storage and processor cycles. If you have dormant apps on your current device, consider removing them before migrating to a new iPhone.

2. Back Up Old Phone

Perform a final backup on your old handset before breaking the tape on your replacement iPhone and migrating your data. There are several ways to back up your phone before, after, and when you get a new iPhone.

Method 1. Back Up Old iPhone with Coolmuster iOS Assistant - Superior Way

Coolmuster iOS Assistant is hands down the best to back up old iPhone data to your PC before getting a new iPhone. Backing up your old iPhone to your PC is the fastest way to switch to a new iPhone. Coolmuster iOS Assistant can help you back up and restore everything on your new iPhone. With a free trial plan, you can back up your old iPhone without needing any technical skills.

Features of Coolmuster iOS Assistant:

  • Effortlessly back up all files from your iPhone/iPad/iPod to either your computer or iTunes for safekeeping.
  • Transfer everything including notes, contacts, messages, calendar, bookmarks, music, images, videos, books, and apps.
  • Search for particular data to back up using the search button on the top right.
  • Preview files before backing them to PC.
  • Edit iPhone data directly from computer.

Here is how to back up your old phone to a PC using Coolmuster iOS Assistant.

01Download and launch the Coolmuster iOS Assistant app on your computer. Connect your iPhone to the PC using a USB cable. Click "Trust", then "Continue" the pop-up window on your iPhone.

connect iphone to the pc using a usb cable

02After your device is detected, switch to the "Super Toolkit" section, click on the "iTunes Backup & Restore" tab, select your device for backup, choose the backup location, and initiate the iOS data backup by clicking "OK".

back up old iphone with coolmuster ios assistant

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Method 2. Back Up Old iPhone from iCloud Backup

iCloud Backup is Apple's default in-built tool to back up your data. Unfortunately, unlike the previous method to back up your iPhone to PC, this method limits you to only 5G free storage. If you want to back up data larger than 5GB, you may need to purchase an iCloud+ plan.

Here is how to back up your old iPhone using the inbuilt feature:

Step 1. Ensure you have a stable internet connection.

Step 2. Locate your iPhone's "Settings".

Step 3. Tap your "Apple ID" > "iCloud" > "iCloud Backup".

Step 4. Click "Back Up Now", and your iPhone will create a new backup that you can restore when you get a new iPhone.

back up old iphone from icloud backup

Method 3. Back Up Old iPhone Using Finder on Mac

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable.

Step 2. Use your PC's Finder app to locate and select your iPhone.

Step 3. Click the "Encrypt local backup" button if you want to password protect your data.

Step 4. Press the "Back Up Now" button.

press the back up now button

Method 4. Back Up Old iPhone by iTunes on Window

You can back up your iPhone data using iTunes on your Windows PC. Here is how.

Step 1. Ensure you've installed iTunes on your Windows PC.

Step 2. Link your phone to your PC using a USB cable. Find the iPhone button in the iTunes app. Head to the "Backups" section, then click "This Computer".

Step 3. Tick the "Encrypt local backup" button if you want to encrypt your data. Click the "Back Up Now" button.

back up old iphone by itunes

Method 5. Back Up Android Device to Google Drive

If you want to switch from an Android phone to iPhone, you can back up your data using Google Drive – a popular cloud storage tool. Here is how:

Step 1. Open the Google Drive app on your device.

Step 2. Select "Backups" from the app's menu, then click "Backup Settings".

back up android device to google drive

Step 3. Tap "Turn On" to initiate the backup, then tap "Back Up Now" to begin backing your data to the cloud.

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3. Upgrade Old iPhone

Before proceeding, ensure your old iPhone is running the latest OS version – iOS 16 and above. Here is how:

Step 1. Click "Settings" on your iPhone, then click "General".

Step 2. Click "Software Update", then "Download and Install" to upgrade.

upgrade iphone

Additional things to do before you get a new phone include:

1. Turn your new iPhone and place it next to the old one for an easy migration and transfer.

2. Ensure both phones have sufficient power to avoid interruptions during the transfer.

Part 2. What to Do When Getting a New iPhone

It's time to set up your new iPhone. This process includes transferring your data from your old phone. However, if you used Coolmuster iOS Assistant to back up data to a computer, you don't need to have your old phone with you. Below are ways to restore data to your new iPhone.

Method 1. Restore Everything by Coolmuster iOS Assistant [Ideal Method]

Coolmuster iOS Assistant can help you figure out what to do with a new iPhone. With this professional tool, you can restore the data you backed up on your computer to your new iPhone in a few short clicks.

It streamlines the process of importing data from your PC/ Mac to your new iPhone. Best of all, you can restore data to your new iPhone without Wi-Fi or data usage using this professional software. Here is how:

01Connect your new iPhone to your computer. Launch the Coolmuster iOS Assistant app.

02In the "Super Toolkit", select the "iTunes Backup & Restore" option, go to the "Import" tab, browse and choose the backup files from your computer, then hit "OK" to begin transferring the backup file to your iPhone device.

restore everything by coolmuster ios assistant

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Method 2. Transfer Data Through QuickStart

QuickStart is Apple's tool to assist in iPhone-to-iPhone transfers. Note that for this method, you will need both the old and the new iPhones to transfer everything.

Step 1. Place the old iPhone next to the new one and QuickStart will appear. Ensure you turn on your Bluetooth.

transfer data through quickstart

Step 2. Click "Continue" on the prompt to set up your new iPhone using your existing Apple ID. An animation will then appear on the new iPhone.

Step 3. Place the old iPhone on the new one, then center the animation on the viewfinder. Once this process is finished, enter your current passcode on the new iPhone. Set up your Touch ID or Face ID on the new iPhone.

Step 4. Tap "Transfer from iPhone" on the "Transfer Your Data" screen to initiate the transfer process from the old to the new iPhone.

tap transfer from iphone on the transfer your data screen

Method 3. Move Data Backed Up on iCloud

If you backed up your data on iCloud, follow these steps to restore and transfer to your new iPhone.

Step 1. Set up your new iPhone.

Step 2. Tap "Restore from iCloud Backup" on the "Apps & Data" screen. Sign in with your Apple ID. Choose the backup you made on your old iPhone.

transfer data backed up on icloud

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Method 4. Send Data Using iTunes

If you backed up your data using iTunes, here is how to restore your data to your new iPhone.

Step 1. Power on and set up your new iPhone.

Step 2. Tap "Restore from iTunes Backup" on the "Apps & Data" screen. Connect your new iPhone to the PC used to back up your data.

tap restore from itunes backup on the apps and data screen

Step 3. Open iTunes on your PC, locate your new iPhone, and click "Restore Backup".

restore backup iphone data on itunes

Part 3. Additional Things to Do When You Get a New iPhone

Once you've transferred everything and restored data to your new iPhone, below are additional to-do tasks to tick off your list.

* Disable iCloud and Find My Phone on your new iPhone.

* Erase your old iPhone data.

* Switch on accessibility features on your new iPhone.

* Customize your control center.

* Activate iMessage and FaceTime.

* Download the desired app.

* Figure out what to do with new iPhone features since Apple is constantly keen on improving user experiences.


Purchasing a new iPhone can be a major step. However, figuring out what to do with new iPhone settings can be a daunting task. If it's your first time purchasing and using an iPhone, navigating data backups and restoration may require external assistance. Coolmuster iOS Assistant is a popular iOS data manager to help you transfer and organize your data effortlessly.

With this professional tool, you can back up and restore everything on your new iPhone in a quick, short process. You can also freely edit, add, delete data saved on your iPhone directly on your computer. Download Coolmuster iOS Assistant to help you set up when you get a new iPhone.

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