[Solved] How to Export Notes from iCloud to iPhone/iPad/Mac/PC?


iCloud is a cloud service provided by Apple where users can store various types of data, including photos, contacts, and notes. The Notes feature is particularly useful, allowing users to record important tasks, ideas, lists, and more. However, there are times when users may need to export these notes from iCloud to other devices or platforms. This article will introduce how to export notes from iCloud and provide multiple methods for users to choose from.


Part 1. How to Export Notes from iCloud to iPhone/iPad

For iPhone/iPad users, you can sync notes to your iPhone/iPad using iCloud's sync feature. Additionally, you can restore all notes and other data by restoring an iCloud backup.

1.1 Download iCloud Notes to iPhone/iPad via Sync

iCloud provides automatic synchronization functionality, which allows users to synchronize data across different devices, including contacts, photos, and notes. With iCloud's sync feature, you can sync notes to all Apple devices after uploading them. Here is how to export notes from iCloud to iPhone/iPad via sync features:

Step 1. Go to "Settings" on your iPhone and tap on [Your Name], then select the "iCloud" option.

Step 2. Locate the "Notes" option and tap the button to ensure it is enabled.

how to export notes from icloud to iphone via sync feature

Step 3. Run the "Notes" application on your device and wait for the download process.

1.2 Download iCloud Notes to iPhone/iPad from iCloud Backup

To transfer notes and additional data to your iPhone, another efficient approach is to restore the complete iCloud backup onto your device. It's important to understand that employing this method will erase all current data on your iPhone, replacing it with the contents of the iCloud backup. Therefore, it is advisable to back up your iPhone first. Here is how to download notes from iCloud to iPhone/iPad from iCloud backup:

Step 1. Go to "Settings" and select your name, then choose "iCloud". Enable "iCloud Backup", and then click the "Back Up Now" button.

back up iphone to icloud

Step 2. Once the backup process is complete, return to "Settings", find the "General" option, and select it. Then, click "Reset" and choose "Erase All Content and Settings".

erase your iphone

Step 3. You'll then need to set up your device again. When you reach the "Apps & Data" option, select "Restore from iCloud Backup".

Step 4. After signing in with your Apple ID, you can choose the specific backup you want to restore from. This will download all your notes and other backed-up data to your iPhone/iPad.

how to download notes from icloud backup

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Part 2. How to Download Notes from iCloud to Mac

Since Mac is also manufactured and supported by Apple, downloading iCloud notes to a Mac computer is very easy. Here is how to save iCloud notes to a Mac computer:

Step 1. Click on the Apple logo in the top left corner of the screen > select the "System Preferences" option > click on "iCloud" > access your iCloud content from this menu.

Step 2. Click on the checkbox next to "Notes". This will allow you to sync your notes across all devices via iCloud.

Step 3. Click on the Launchpad icon in the Dock and search for the "Notes" application. When it appears on the screen, click on it to open it. Then, select the target note you want to download.

Step 4. Go to the "File" menu at the top of the screen, then select the "Export as PDF" option. Provide a name for the note file and specify the location where you want to save it. Click the "Save" button to complete the process.

how to save icloud notes to mac

Part 3. How to Access iCloud Notes on PC

For Windows users, you can use the Windows version of iCloud to download iCloud notes to your PC. Here is how to access iCloud notes on PC:

Step 1. On your Windows computer, download and install the Windows version of the iCloud application.

Step 2. Launch the application and sign in to your account.

Step 3. Check the options for "Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks", then click the "Apply" button.

sync your note

Step 4. Launch the Microsoft Outlook application on your computer.

Step 5. Go to "File" > "Options" > "Advanced". Then, click on the "Export" button.

Step 6. Choose "Export to a file" and then click "Next" to proceed.

how to access icloud notes on pc

Step 7. Follow the on-screen instructions to download iCloud notes to your computer. Your iCloud notes should now be available in the folder you selected on your Windows computer.

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Part 4. How to Save iCloud Notes to Computer via iCloud.com

Users can also save notes to their computer through the iCloud official website. Here is how to export notes from iCloud to computer via iCloud.com:

Step 1. Visit iCloud.com and log in with your Apple ID credentials.

Step 2. To view your notes, click on "Notes".

how to export notes from icloud to computer via icloud website

Step 3. Click to select any notes you wish to view. If you can't find any content, use the search function.

Step 4. Copy the notes and paste them into a Word document.

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Bonus: How to Export Notes from iPhone to Computer

After exploring how to export notes from iCloud to various devices, you may wonder if there is a more direct way to export notes from your iPhone to your computer. After all, while iCloud provides convenient cloud synchronization services, sometimes we need more flexibility and control, especially when it comes to data backup and management. Here, we will introduce a powerful tool - Coolmuster iOS Assistant, which can help you easily export notes and other data from your iPhone to your computer.

Key features of Coolmuster iOS Assistant:

  • Transfer notes from iPhone to computer effortlessly.
  • Preview and effortlessly choose iOS files for transfer.
  • Offer support for an extensive array of file types, encompassing contacts, messages, photos, videos, music, notes, bookmarks, books, calendars, apps, and beyond.
  • Enable seamless backup and restoration of your entire iPhone, iPad, or iPod with a single click.
  • Edit, add, or delete data directly on your iOS device from your PC or Mac.
  • Compatible with all iPhone, iPad, and iPod models, including the latest iPhone 15 and iOS 17.

Here are the steps to export iPhone notes to a computer using iOS Assistant:

01Please download the software and open it on your computer. Connect your iPhone using a USB data cable. Select the "Trust" option in the popup window on your iPhone.

trust your device

02Once the software recognizes your iPhone, you will see the following main interface.

the interface of ios assitant

03Navigate to the "Notes" folder and select the notes you want to transfer. Click on the "Export" button, then choose the format you want to transfer from your iPhone to the computer.

transfer notes from iphone to computer using ios assistant


This article introduces various methods to export notes from iCloud to different devices or platforms, including iPhone/iPad, Mac, PC, etc. We hope readers can choose the most suitable method according to their needs to manage and export notes. If you need a more convenient notes management tool, Coolmuster iOS Assistant is a good choice for users to consider.

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