[Detailed Guide] How to Get an iPod Out of Recovery Mode Easily?

"How do I get my iPod Classic out of Recovery mode? I have tried connecting to iTunes for a restore, and it tells me I have to get it out of Recovery mode before connecting to iTunes. I have also installed the latest version of iTunes..."

- Posted by Kim in Apple Support Communities

Recovery mode enables you to upgrade the iOS firmware or fix minor bugs on your iPod. Generally, this feature works smoothly. However, when it reminds you that 'iTunes detected iPod in Recovery mode' even after the updating or restoring finishes, the chances are that your iPod Touch gets stuck in Recovery mode.

Don't worry. After reading the context, you will know how to get an iPod out of Recovery mode.

how to get an ipod out of recovery mode

Part 1. What Is iPod Recovery Mode & How to Put an iPod in Recovery Mode?
Part 2. Why Is iPod Stuck in Recovery Mode?
Part 3. How Do You Get an iPod Out of Recovery Mode?

Part 1. What Is iPod Recovery Mode & How to Put an iPod in Recovery Mode?

Recovery mode is a way to reboot your iPod operating system when something is wrong with the old iOS, or you need to upgrade your iPod firmware.

Generally, you will need to repair your iPod in Recovery mode in the following situations:

  • Want to recover the device after jailbreak.
  • Change the firmware or update iOS on your iPod.
  • iTunes/software/computer cannot detect your iPod.
  • Reset the iPod when you forget the lock screen password.
  • The device fails to install iOS updates.
  • The iPod doesn't respond properly.

How to get the iPod in Recovery mode?

  • Ensure that your iPod has enough charge before proceeding.
  • Connect your iPod to the computer via a USB cable and run the latest version of iTunes.
  • Press and hold the Sleep/Wake + Home buttons together for at least 10 seconds, and you see the Apple logo.
  • Keep pressing the buttons until the Connect to iTunes screen appears on your iPod.
  • Your iPod is in Recovery mode. And a pop-up window in iTunes will ask you to update or restore the iPod.
  • Tap Restore.

Note: If you don't view the Connect to iTunes screen, start over the steps again.

Part 2. Why Is iPod Stuck in Recovery Mode?

Here are the possible reasons for iPod Touch 4th generation stuck in Recovery mode.

  1. Your computer doesn't detect your iPod.
  2. Jailbreak failure.
  3. Some errors occur or interrupt the process of restoring a backup.
  4. Your iPod accidentally got into Recovery mode.
  5. iOS update bugs or errors.
  6. Other unknown glitches.

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Part 3. How Do You Get an iPod Out of Recovery Mode?

Is iPod in Recovery mode but don't want to restore it? No worries! You can get your iPod Classic out of Recovery mode with the three methods below.

3.1 How to Take iPod Out of Recovery Mode via iTunes

The easiest way to exit Recovery mode on iPod is using iTunes or Finder. Restoring your iPod in Recovery mode will bring you a grand-new iPod with system glitches resolved.

How do you exit Recovery mode on your iPod?

1. Connect your iPod to a computer with a USB cable.

2. Run the latest version of iTunes or Finder on your computer.

3. When the app prompts you to update or restore your iPod, choose the Restore option to restore your iPod. Once the process is complete, your iPod will be out of Recovery mode.

take ipod out of recovery mode via itunes

3.2 How to Remove iPod from Recovery Mode Using Physical Buttons

Normally, iTunes will get your iPod out of Recovery mode. Nevertheless, if the above method doesn't work for fixing the iPod stuck in Recovery mode, try the following tips.

How do I get my iPod Touch out of Recovery mode?

1. Press and hold the Home + Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously on your iPod touch.

2. When your iPod turns off, press and hold the Home button again and plug your iPod into your computer until you see the iTunes logo and the USB indicator.

3. This will fix the iPod touch stuck in Recovery mode.

remove ipod from recovery mode using physical buttons

Check if you need: Want a useful iPad recovery tool? Here are 11 options for your reference.

3.3 How to Fix an iPod Touch Stuck in Recovery Mode with iOS System Recovery (Most Effective)

iOS System Recovery is a professional app that fixes many system issues on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, such as iPod stuck in Recovery mode, black screen of death, loop restart, etc. Since it is easy and safe to use, even for beginners, you will quickly fix your device to normal in seconds.

Why should you choose iOS System Recovery?

  1. Most powerful and professional software with the highest success rate.
  2. Fix various Apple system problems, like iPod touch stuck in Recovery mode/Apple logo, battery drain, frozen/unresponsive screen, blue/white/red/black screen of death, iTunes error 4013/4005, etc.
  3. The easiest and safest system recovery tool without causing data loss.
  4. Downgrade or upgrade iOS to a supported stable version.
  5. Widely compatible with iOS 16 and iPod Touch 8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1.

ios system recovery windows versionios system recovery mac version

How to get iPod out of Recovery mode without losing data?

1. Open the software on your computer and plug your iPod Touch into the computer using a USB cable. Then, tap More tools > iOS System Recovery on the interface.

install ios system recovery on your computer and connect your ipod touch

2. The program will automatically detect your iPod issue. After it displays the problem on the interface, click Start to continue.

detect the ipod stuck in recovery mode issue automatically

3. Check and confirm the iPod Touch information when prompted. Once done, tap the Repair button to fix the iPod problem. After downloading the latest firmware for your device, it will automatically get your iPod out of Recovery mode.

how to get an ipod out of recovery mode without data loss

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Now you have finished reading how to get an iPod out of Recovery mode. As you can see, iTunes and physical methods cannot avoid causing data loss on your iPod. Nevertheless, iOS System Recovery will quickly troubleshoot your iPod stuck issue without data loss. Thus, if I were you, I would select the third way. But it's up to you to decide which one to choose.

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