Optimize Video Experience: Comprehensive Twitter Video Compressor Review


While there is no limit to the number of videos you can upload, the Twitter file size limit is 512MB, especially for TweetVideo. To compress a video for Twitter, you need a reliable Twitter video compressor. Twitter video compression tools come in different types and with varying features, pros, and cons. Check out this Twitter video compressor review to discover the best tool to compress MP4 for Twitter uploads.


Part 1. Factors to Consider When Looking for a Twitter Video Compressor

When looking for a video compressor for Twitter files, there are multiple factors to consider to meet your compression requirements. These include:

Compression Quality - The ideal Twitter video compressor should offer good compression algorithms, guaranteeing high video quality even after compression.

Supported Formats - Twitter supports many video formats, including MOV and MP4. Ensure your video compressor for Twitter can support the available video formats.

Compression Speed - If you compress videos for Twitter frequently, you need a Twitter video compressor that compresses large files fast and efficiently.

Customization Options - The video compressor should allow you to customize the Twitter MP4 compression settings.

Compatibility - Choose a Twitter video compressor that meets Twitter's requirements for video uploads, for example, Twitter max file size and file duration.

Ease of Use - Choose a Twitter video compressor with a simple user interface that is easy to navigate.

Part 2. Top 7 Twitter Video Compressor Tools

Since you know what to look for in a Twitter video compressor, this section lists the recommended options to compress videos for Twitter.

Compressor 1. Video Converter Ultimate (Recommended)

Video Converter Ultimate is a highly-recommended compressor for Twitter videos and other platforms, such as Facebook, Discord, Instagram, YouTube, etc. It is used and trusted by millions of people globally. Video Converter Ultimate is available for Mac and Windows users. However, it is available offline, meaning you will need to download the software to compress videos for the Twitter file size limit.

Features of Video Converter Ultimate

How to compress a video for Twitter with Video Converter Ultimate:

01Download, install, and launch Video Converter Ultimate on your computer. Navigate the program's main page and click "Toolbox", then "Video Compressor". Click the rectangular box to add the Twitter files you want to compress.

click toolbox then video compressor

02Set the output file's name, size, resolution, format, and bitrate on the next page.

03Click "Preview" to check the video before compression. Once you're satisfied with the compression settings, click "Compress" to reduce your file under the Twitter file size limit.

compress video for twitter

Pros of Video Converter Ultimate

* Compresses batch Twitter videos fast.

* Allow compressing videos for Twitter for free.

* Simple user interface, making it easy to use.

* Customize compression settings to match the Twitter max file size limit and upload requirements.

* Compress a video for Twitter without an internet connection.

Cons of Video Converter Ultimate

The main downside of compressing Twitter videos with Video Converter Ultimate is its unavailability for Linux users.


* A free trial package.

* A one-month license at $14.50.

* A lifetime license at $49.96.

* A business license at $79.96.

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Compressor 2. Clideo

Clideo is another fan-favorite Twitter video compressor that is web-based. Since it's web-based, Clideo can work on Mac, Windows, and Linux devices, provided you have an active internet connection and a web browser.

twitter video compressor

Features of Clideo

  • Merge and crop videos.
  • Convert and compress videos in multiple formats, including MOV, MP4, WMV, FLV, and AVI.
  • Compress videos for multiple platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Pros of Clideo

* Secure and reliable on this platform.

* Work with multiple file formats.

* Upload Twitter videos for compression from multiple sources, including local device storage or cloud storage.

Cons of Clideo

* Limit video uploads to 500MB.

* Can't handle batch processing (compression).


* A free trial package.

* $9 charged monthly.

* $6 charged annually at $72.

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Compressor 3. Online Video Compressor

Online Video Compressor by Apowersoft is an online Twitter video compressor available for free. It is one of the safest and most secure online compressors to compress videos for Twitter. The compressor deletes files after compression. Online Video Compressor allows batch processing, saving you time and effort. Since it is web-based, Online Video Compressor is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux systems.

video compressor for twitter

Features of Online Video Compressor

  • Support batch compression.
  • Select and customize the output resolution for the compressed Twitter video.
  • Compress videos online for free.

Pros of Online Video Compressor

* Safe and secure for web usage.

* Allow batch file processing.

* Free.

Cons of Online Video Compressor

This tool restricts Twitter MP4 compression if you don't have an active internet connection.


Online Video Compressor is 100% free to use.

Compressor 4. FreeConvert

FreeConvert is a free online video compressor that can compress videos for Twitter and multiple other platforms. It is a reliable Twitter video compressor that supports the compression of multiple file sizes for easier upload and sharing.

FreeConvert has a 1GB file size limit, which allows you to upload and compress videos lower than the Twitter file size limit. In addition, FreeConvert allows you the convenience of compressing your Twitter videos on your mobile phone using either the iOS video compressor or Android video compressor apps.

compress mp4 for twitter

Features of FreeConvert

  • Compress Twitter videos using either of 4 methods (by video quality, as a percentage of the original size, setting max bitrate, or resizing).
  • Enable batch compression.
  • Support multiple file formats, like MP4, WebM, MKV, MOV, etc.

Pros of FreeConvert

* A straightforward user interface, making it beginner friendly.

* Allow batch processing.

* Available for mobile apps.

Cons of FreeConvert

* Not all free.

* Rely on an active internet connection for full functionality.


* Free plan.

* 4 Premium packages (Basic - $9.99 per month, Standard - $14.99 per month, Pro - $25.99 per month, and 24-hr Pass priced at a $12.99 one-time fee).

* An API pricing plan where you can purchase an API Subscription at $10.95 per month or API Credit costing a $18 one-time fee.

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Compressor 5. VLC

VLC is a free, open-source tool popular as a media player. While VLC doesn't have a dedicated video compressor section, it is still a reliable solution to compress your Twitter videos under the recommended file size limit. It is compatible with most computer operating systems: Windows, Mac, and Linux. With its impressive video compression capabilities, VLC can compress multiple video file formats: MOV, MKV, MP4, etc.

compress a video for twitter

Features of VLC

  • Compress Twitter videos in multiple formats.
  • Cut and crop videos before or after trimming.
  • Support large file compression.

Pros of VLC

* Free.

* Available on Mac, Windows, and Linux devices.

* With additional features and functionalities.

* Compress audio files and large videos.

Cons of VLC

* To subpar sometimes can be the compression quality.

* Navigating to the compression feature can be challenging for beginners.


VLC is free to download and use.

Compressor 6. VidCompact

VidCompact is an Android app available on Google Play Store and is solely dedicated to file compressions. It has millions of downloads and is trusted for mobile compressions, making it a reliable Twitter video compressor on the go.

home page of vidcompact

Features of VidCompact

  • Support batch compression.
  • Compress videos in a lossless format.
  • Trim large videos.
  • Compress videos while preserving a good percentage of video quality.

Pros of VidCompact

* Have an intuitive user interface.

* Allow batch compression.

* Good compression quality.

* Portable and convenient for on-the-go video compressions.

Cons of VidCompact

* Key features such as batch compression and lossless compression are locked under the premium package.

* Not available for desktop and iOS users.


VidCompact is free but contains in-app purchases.

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Compressor 7. Compress Videos & Resize Video

Compress Videos & Resize Video is a popular video compressor for iOS users. It boasts fast and reliable video compressions without losing file quality. The app is available on iPhone and iPad devices.

how to compress video for twitter

Features of Compress Videos & Resize Video

  • Enable batch compression.
  • Support multiple video formats like H.264, MPEG-4, MP4, MOV, M4V, and HEVC.
  • Compress videos while preserving quality.

Pros of Compress Videos & Resize Video

* Have an intuitive interface.

* Support multiple file formats.

Cons of Compress Videos & Resize Video

* Accessible only to premium users.

* Unavailable for desktop and iOS users.


Free but with in-app purchases.

The Bottom Line

An all-around Twitter video compressor can help you save money and time. When looking for a Twitter mP4 compression tool, compile a list of must-have features to help you choose the best option.

Are you looking for a free, dedicated, and reliable Twitter video compressor? Video Converter Ultimate displays a competitive edge over most premium and free video compressors. It combines multiple enhanced features and leverages the revolutionary powers of AI to improve the quality of your video compressions. Download Video Converter Ultimate to compress videos for Twitter for free.

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