Everything You Need to Do Before Rooting Android Phones


Android users that are absolutely tired of the restrictions imposed by their phone manufacturers can consider rooting their Android phones as this helps set your phone free and allows you to do so much more with it. You can make your phone considerably faster and also get rid of all the junk that which is making your phone slower. Actually, there are many valid reasons to persuade you into rooting your Android phones. But can you just go ahead and delete all the phone data?

Things to Do Before Rooting Your Phone

However, before your start rooting the Android phone, it is important for you to know that rooting can prove to be a risky business. This is why we advise you to do these things before rooting your phone to safeguard it.

1. Backup Android files - The first and foremost thing to do is to backup everything that you have on the phone before rooting it. You need to be more careful if this is your first attempt at rooting. If in case you need to wipe your phone clean, a backup can help you re-install everything you need at the click of a button.

2. Erase Android files - Once the backup is done, erase all the Android files on your phone so that they do not interfere with the rooting process. Furthermore, if you plan to resell or donate your phone after the rooting, it is always better to wipe out personal information before handing the phone to another person.

3. Enough battery - Since rooting takes time, ensure your Android phone is fully-charged before the rooting starts. Or otherwise, your smart Android device will possibly turn into a cold brick after rooting. Here you might be interested in:

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4. Prepare a recovery tool - What if you lose your important files saved on your Android phone after rooting? So you need to get a professional recovery tool at hand so as to immediately get the lost files back in one click.

It is always a good idea to first backup all your data. This way you do not have to worry about losing any of your important data that was stored in the phone. And in the below part, you will learn how to easily back up important files from your Android phones and wipe out files as needed and wanted.

How to backup Android files using Coolmuster Android Assistant?

If you are wondering which software would be best for backing up files, then we recommend this professional assistant which is an amazing one-stop Android managing software that helps store all your Android contacts, media, apps, SMS in one place in your computer. It makes managing your Android devices quite easy with the amazing functions it has to offer.

And using this software is quite easy since it provides a simple user interface. Actually, you can follow the below tutorial to learn how to backup your Android phone to the computer in one click. By the way, the below tutorial takes PC computer as example, for Mac users, just follow the similar steps:

This software is quite easy to use, right? Now, you are free to root your Android device as you needed and wanted.

How to wipe out Android files using Coolmuster Android Eraser?

Looking to wipe out personal information from your Android phone permanently before you resell it or donate it? The software is one of the most widely used privacy protector software which not only deletes all files permanently but ensures that there is no recovery possibility of it. It turns the phone in a "clean slate" state and clear of all data!

Words in the End:

Have you wondered what would happen if data was lost after the rooting finishes and that too without a phone backup? That would result in total chaos as one would lose all their important data and files and just not be able to retrieve them.

This is where the Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android can prove to be a blessing as it is known to be a useful data recovery software which helps the user to recover deleted or lost file from the phone's external SD card and internal memory card even if he has not taken a backup before! You will get all those priceless data and files back into your phone with the click of a button and never have to worry about lost data ever again.

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