Top 5 Office Apps for Android Phones


This is an app world. If you’re using Android, you probably have a number of Android apps installed from the Google Play Store. While Whatsapp and Facebook are some of the most common Android apps around, here is a look at five of the others that can help you do more with your Android device.

Top 5 Office Apps for Android Phones You Can't Miss

Whether it be increasing productivity or doing new things with your smartphone, here is how these five apps test your Android device’s potential to the maximum.

1. Google Keep – Custom Notes and Lists

For the forgetful ones, this is a god sent the app. Create reminders for all your engagements. Color code the dates and days. With no price tag attached to it, this app is a serious contender to make you happy.

office apps for android

2. Swype – When typing became faster

This app surely makes typing on a device as small as a mobile phone, easier. In fact, it helps you type much faster. Once you get used to it, typing becomes a breeze. It comes at a price of $0.99 though it has a free version as well. In fact, most Android owners use Swype, and you would need to use it to know how fast typing could really be.

office apps for android

3. Link Bubble Browser – Browse correct

With Link Bubble browser, you can save a lot of time browsing online. While you click on a link, you can carry on browsing, while the app will load that link in a bubble in the background. There is a free version while the Pro version will cost one $4.04.

office apps for android

4. tTorrent – The best Torrent Downloader around

If downloading torrents is your thing, this is the one. With tTorrent, downloading has never been more fun. It is a peer-to-peer app, with all the great features of the other good and expensive torrents. It comes in a free version and $4.99 in the paid version.

office apps for android

5. Hoverchat – Chat and do whatever you were doing anyway

We have all faced it at most times in our lives. Stop working on our phones to answer a chat or write one. With Homer chat, watch a movie or listen to your favorite song while you chat. This app lets you continue with your activity while keeping the chat window accessible. You also have the option of customizing the chat windows. It comes at $3.99 along with a free promo app.

office apps for android

Extra Bonus: How to manage downloaded office apps for Android phones?

While these apps can definitely make your entire Android experience a better one, an important question to ask here is whether you need an Android manager or not. With so many apps, contacts and games, things could go wrong easily. What if you mistakenly deleted something? What if you had to root your Android phone? Wouldn't you want to ensure that your phone has a more empty storage space that can in turn make your phone work faster? This is why you would need an Android Manager, and the Coolmuster Android Assistant does a good job.

- It can help you to backup your Android phone in just one click, and even individually select all that you want to backup.

- Work on your mobile phone right from your computer. Whether it be adding in new contacts or sending in messages to someone, you do not have to get distracted while you're working on your PC.

- Install all Android apps on your Android device , and free up storage space on your Android phone.

- Works across all Android phones, so you really have nothing to worry about.

If you're looking for an Android Manager that can help you do all that you want and more with your Android phone, this is definitely something that you should be checking out.

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