Video Guide: Manage Multiple Apps on Android Phones


As mobile phone has been keeping changing, more and more practical apps are showing up to meet various needs of Android users. Now, it's not strange at all to see multiple apps are shown up on the phone screen when you open one at random. Maybe you are looking for a professional texting app to have a nice chatting experience, maybe you are in need for an effective data manager for your Android devices? This passage summarizes the most useful and professional apps for Android phones and tablets and tells you how to manage various Android apps as wanted and desired!

Part 1: Useful & Professional Apps for Android Phones
Part 2: How to Manage Android Downloaded Apps

Part One: Useful Apps for Android Phones You Can't Miss

1. Apps to Have Nicer Chatting Experience:

Top 5 Call Manager Apps for Android

If you are looking for some handy call managers to manage calls on your Android phones, I'm sure that you will find the right one in this passage!

Android Texting Apps to Ease The Way of Phone Texting

Chatting for free is now possible! Just choose one professional Android texting app!

Best & Free Contact Apps for Android Phones

Got a long list of contacts? Just get a professional contact app to manage messy phone numbers in order.

2. Managers to Make Smart Android Phones Smarter:

Android Memory Manager to Make Full Use of Android Memory

Android internal memory is limited, so how to make the fullest use? Read this passage to get the answers.

Android Window Managers to Manage Multi-Window on Android

Opening multiple windows on Android phones tablets is nothing troublesome at all.

Top 5 Android Root File Managers

Using a top notch root file manager helps you to manage your files easily and organizes your entire phone or tablet for you just as you like it.

Five of the Best Apps for Rooted Android Phone/Tablet

Rooting Android phones can bring both benefits and damages. This post tells you how to maximize the benefits while minimizing the potential dangers.

3. Colorful Apps to Brighten Your Boring Days

Top 5 Android eBook Readers You Need to Know

Freely reading ebooks can be as easy as pie once you download one functional ebook reader on your Android phone.

With the easy-to-use camera app, you can also be a great photographer to record the marvelling moments as wanted.

Download Free Movies to My Android Phone/Tablet

Watching an amusing movie after a busy day can't be more cozy, right? Read this passage to know how to directly download free movies to your Android device!

Android Photo Organizers to Manage Android Pictures

As one continues to take more and more photos, users need apps that will enable them manage photos on their mobile devices. The passage list several professional apps for your reference.

4. Personalize Your Android Phone - Make it Unique

Android Wallpaper Apps to Decorate Your Phone

Using wallpaper apps allows you to choose from a large number of high quality wallpapers, so as to decorate the screens as you wanted and liked.

Make Unique Ringtones with Android Ringtone Apps

You don't want your ringtone all the same with many other peoples', right? Here, you can download third-party ringtone apps to personalize your Android phones as wanted!

Top 10 Icon Pack Apps for Android Phones

An icon pack changes the interface of your phone completely and makes you feel as if you are using a new phone altogether!

5. Assistants for Your Daily Life

What are the Best Alarm Clocks for Android?

With several customization options and new features, Android boasts of some of the best alarm clock apps which make sure you never oversleep and reach your destination on time.

Must-Have Top 5 Mail Apps for Android Phones

You may want to sort your emails by attachment or seek smart folder organizing, just get the right mail app for your Android phones in this passage!

This passage tells you several professional weather apps for Android phones, so as to help you better manage the unpredictable weather!

News Apps for Android You Must Have

Get informed of the latest news and current affairs is nothing difficult. This passage introduces several news apps for Android phones. You can choose one as liked!

Five of the Best Android Security Apps to Protect Your Privacy

Since there has been an increase in hacking which compromises the safety of one’s information, this passage tells you several Android security apps to protect your privacy.

Part Two: Video Guides on How to Manage Multiple Android Apps

To manage and organize multiple downloaded apps, this Coolmuster Android App Manager software surely can't be missed, which enables to download, uninstall, backup and manage downloaded apps in an easy way.

1. Download/Install Apps on Android Phones

Want to download apps to your Android phones with the minimum energy and least cost? Follow the below tutorial to do it!

2. Organize/Manage Apps on Android Phones

The video guide in the below tells you how to organize multiple downloaded apps on your Android phones in an orderly manner!

3. Back up Downloaded Android Apps

Since various reasons can lead to sudden data loss, the best way to avoid such cases is to make a phone backup. Follow the below tutorial to backup the downloaded Android apps.

4. Uninstall Apps from Android Devices

Be it removing preinstalled apps or uninstalling downloaded apps, all can be easily done as long as you follow the tutorial as instructed in the below.

Can't wait to organize the messy apps on your Android phones? Just get the right version!

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