How to Fix No Sim Card Error on Android Smoothly? 16 Helpful Solutions


Do you notice a "no sim card" error when using your Android phone? If your response is positive, you have arrived at the right place. On this page, you will find a comprehensive guide on resolving the no sim card problem on Android.

This is not a new error to the mobile user, but it causes alarm in those who see it for the first time. Every issue, nevertheless, has a solution. So, read this guide to learn the 16 best ways on how to fix no sim card error on Android.

how to fix no sim card error on android

Part 1: Why Does My Android Phone Say No SIM Card Inserted?
Part 2: What to Do If My Android Phone Says No SIM Card Inserted?
Bonus Tips: How to Recover Contacts from SIM Card?

Part 1: Why Does My Android Phone Say No SIM Card Inserted?

This alert indicates that your mobile was unable to recognize a SIM card in its SIM card tray. If you utilize this gadget for cellular data and communication, you will require a SIM card if it has a SIM card tray.

Part 2: What to Do If My Android Phone Says No SIM Card Inserted?

Solution 1: Restart your phone

Numerous phones will not detect a newly inserted SIM till you restart the phone. Restarting your phone is typically the simplest option for resolving small issues with your Android smartphone of any form.

restart the phone when it says no sim card

Solution 2: Disconnect the device

Remove the battery from the device (If at all possible). You could also unplug the gadget from any power supply and switch it off to avoid several potential sources of error. After removing the battery, wait at least 30 seconds before switching it.

Solution 3: Reset the SIM card

Because your SIM is what links you to your network, it is critical in resolving the "No SIM Card Detected" problem. If you mistakenly drop your device, the SIM card may get misaligned or might not have been properly placed from the beginning. Ensure the SIM is properly inserted into your smartphone.

If your SIM card does not fit properly in your device's slot, try putting a piece of tape, paper, or cardboard in the tray to help it fit better. Even though it may appear to be a cheap solution to your SIM issues, this strategy has shown to be effective for many people.

Also, exercise caution when handling your phone. Do not excessive force as it could damage your gadget.

reset your sim card to fix the no sim card error

Solution 4: Select a carrier/network operator manually

Your settings may shift unexpectedly because of upgrades. The network may become disconnected due to this update. Contact the manufacturer's site for assistance if these guidelines vary from what you see on your user interface.

To manually choose your network operator:

1. Go to the "Settings" menu, and check for the "Wireless & Networks" option.

2. Select the "Mobile Networks" from the drop-down menu, and click the "Network Operators" icon.

3. Proceed to look for networks manually.

check the network settings when my phone says no sim card

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Solution 5: Set the network mode to auto

Switching your Network Mode to Auto enables your phone to choose the optimal network for you automatically. If you are unfamiliar with this alternative, obey these step-by-step directions to configure your network mode to connect automatically:

1. Go to the "Settings" menu, and check for the "Mobile Networks" option.

2. Select the Network mode, and tap on Network mode - LTE/3G/2G/(auto connect).

choose the auto connection network mode

Solution 6: Clean the SIM card

Take a look at your SIM card. Is it soiled? Is the gold side free of contaminants? You could get rid of some debris or dirt. With a soft dry cloth or air, wash the connectors/spokes on your SIM and its reader. Moreover, handle the SIM card with caution to avoid inadvertently damaging it.

Solution 7: Change your SIM card

Some Smartphones, particularly the most recent models, have a tiny SIM card tray. This might necessitate downsizing your regular SIM card.

If so, did you trim a regular size SIM down to nano or micro size? If not, then damage to your SIM's gold plates could be a possibility, implying you have to replace it.

change another sim card

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Solution 8: Clear cache

At times, cleaning your device's cached data may be the solution to this problem. Remember that stuff might take slightly longer to load the next time, and you will likely have to log back into a few of your apps.

To begin, go to your settings app and select storage from the drop-down menu. Make a second click on Apps, and choose an app > Storage. When you click Clear cache, a pop-up window will appear asking you to remove all cache files. Select the delete alternative to continue the process.

fix no sim card error by clearing cache

Solution 9: Airplane mode alternative

Toggling on "flight" mode is one of the most efficient solutions to a "no sim card detected" error on Android as it dysfunctions all broadcasts and eliminates cell reception.

To activate flight mode, numerous phones allow easy accessibility to "Quick Settings" with a slide down from the top of the screen. You may also get it from the "Settings" menu.

Wait around 30 seconds before clicking on the Airplane mode again to disable it. After completing all of the above procedures, your device will start looking for a connection again.

fix sim card not detected on android via airplane

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Solution 10: Remove and re-insert your SIM

Prior to installing or removing SIM, ensure your Android device is switched off. Else, you risk damaging the gadget or the card. Also, make sure to check if the card is bent or scratched.

For numerous current devices, the SIM tray is usually right next to the power or volume button. On older Android handsets, you could get to the SIM card by sliding off the rear panel and detaching the battery.

Solution 11: Check Your SIM Reader

Test the gadget with a different SIM to see whether it works. If this is the case, your present SIM card is faulty.

If you do not want to wait for a postpaid one, you could use numerous economical prepaid options for the short term.

Solution 12: Inspect the SIM tray

It is possible that your device's SIM tray is damaged or cracked, resulting in the "No SIM Card Detected" notification. Do not be concerned! Swapping the SIM card case could be an instantaneous fix to your woes.

Alternatively, the paddings mentioned in Solution 3 could be as effective in adjusting the tray, using a foam piece to exert pressure. Unfortunately, this method is only applicable to older device units.

check the sim card tray if the phone says no sim card in the phone

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Solution 13: Reconfigure Network Settings

If your Android displays an invalid SIM card error, you will require to reconfigure your network settings. Start by going to "Settings" and select "Backup & Reset" from the drop-down menu.

After that, your smartphone will restart automatically; check to see if the no sim card detected Android had been resolved.

Solution 14: Use Your Mobile In Safe Mode

If you believe a certain program is the root of the issue, consider deleting it first. By using your phone periodically while in safe mode, you can verify what third-party apps cause issues on your gadget. Safe mode only executes system defaults, allowing you to eliminate any third-party software that might be causing the issue.

Solution 15: Consult Customer Service

If your device comes through your phone carrier, verify your "service and repairs" warranty. If it is still within the timeframe, you are fortunate!

When you go to the service center, bring your device with you if they request details such as your IMEI number. In some circumstances, they might need to replace your slot reader, SIM card, or even the entire phone, depending on the extent of the issue.

Sometimes, all it requires is for your carrier's database to recognize your SIM.

Solution 16: Perform A Factory Reset

When everything fails, Factory Resetting your device is your last resort. Bear in mind, however, that this will restore everything to its original Factory Settings. Thus, we strongly advise performing a thorough backup ahead.

perform the factory reset when samsung galaxy phone says no sim card

Bonus Tips: How to Recover Contacts from SIM Card?

Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android is a good option for Android users concerned about lost contacts and do not want to install many applications that only do one thing. It is the finest option for recovering deleted SIM contacts. This app could rapidly and effectively retrieve erased contact information from an Android phone's SIM card.

Naturally, this potent tool can retrieve not only contacts but also call logs, text messages, videos, images, music, and documents from the Android SIM card and internal memory card. You will not have to fret about what to do if you accidentally deleted vital files because it comes with it.

This Android recovery software is relatively straightforward to use. Only three simple steps are necessary to complete the entire data recovery process for an Android tablet and phone, including:

Step 1: Connect - Run the software and use a USB cord to link your Android handset to the PC.

windows version of coolmuster android recoverymac version of coolmuster android recovery

Step 2: Scan - Allow the device connected to scan for Android data in the hopes of recovering it (Quick Scan and Deep Scan are the two scanning modes accessible for Android files).

recover deleted contacts on android

Step 3: Recover - View and choose the contacts you wish to retrieve before beginning the Android file recovery process. Then tap the "Recover" icon to save your selected contacts to your computer.

recover android contacts without backup


That is all there is to it; you no longer need to look for solutions to the no sim card problem on other websites. As we have indicated, various approaches can be used to address your problem quickly.

Try each of the aforementioned solutions one at a time; we are confident that at least one of them will assist you in resolving this problem. If none seems to offer you a solution, perhaps your device’s hardware is compromised.

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