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How to Fix the Problem 'SIM Card Cannot be Detected'?

If your Android or iOS device cannot detect the SIM card inserted in your cell phone, it will show you the 'No SIM' message on the upper left hand corner of the screen of your phone where you could once see the name of the carrier. It is a frequent occurrence that will prevent you from making or receiving calls and messages. When such a situation happens, you don't have to worry at all, as the simple instructions that we have written down below for you will give you all the help that you will need.

Part 1: How to fix the 'No SIM Card Install' problem on iOS devices?
Part 2: How to solve the problem of finding SIM card on Android devices?

Part 1: How to fix the 'No SIM Card Install' problem on iOS devices?

Remember: The following steps may result in loss of important data and that is why we strongly recommend you carry out a data backup for your iOS device before carrying out the following steps. The possible solutions and steps to follow them are mentioned below. 

Solution 1 - Working with the SIM and SIM Tray

Step 1. Shut down your phone completely by long pressing the power button that is usually on the right hand side or the upper side of your iPhone.

power off your ios device

Step 2. There is a pin hole on the SIM Tray of the iPhone. Insert a paperclip into it or a tiny clip that comes in the box when you purchase an iPhone. Press the clip firmly into the hole and the SIM Tray shall be ejected.

Step 3. Now examine the SIM card and the SIM tray. There might be some dust, debris or even gunk on it. Using a soft, damp cloth, wipe the card and the tray clean and wait until it is completely dry before you place the card back onto the tray and push it back inside.

eject sim tray of ios

Step 4. Sometimes, the tray might be bent and this could be the reason behind that problem. In such a case, send your phone to a specialized center that has been authorized by Apple to repair its products.

check whether the tray is bent

Solution 2: The Network Settings have to be reset

This setting will restore the iPhone to its factory settings. So a data backup is mandatory.

Just go to Settings, select General and tap on the Reset option. This has frequently helped solve the software glitches in the phone and generally solves this problem.

Solution 3: Wireless Carrier Settings with iTunes have to be updated

All you have to do is open iTunes on your computer, connect your iPhone to the computer and choose ‘Trust’ the computer. If a wireless carrier update is indeed available for your iPhone, it will be automatically updated, after taking your permission, of course.

Solution 4: Update the iOS version on your iPhone

If the above mentioned suggestions fail to solve your problem, updating the iOS on your phone to its latest version should do the trick.

Part 2: How to solve the problem of finding SIM card on Android devices?

Just like we mentioned earlier, to be on the safer side and for the safety of your valuable data, carry out a backup of your Android device before you start trying to solve the problem of your phone not detecting your SIM Card.

Solution 1 - Has the SIM Card been properly inserted?

Step 1: You will first switch off your phone by pressing the power button and choosing 'Switch Off'.

power off your android phone
Step 2: See how the SIM card has to be inserted in your phone.

check the orientation
Step 3: Place the SIM Card correctly on the tray until it locks itself into place.
Step 4: Now restart your phone.

Solution 2 - What about the SIM Card and SIM Slot?

Sometimes, there might be a problem in the SIM Card or the slot. So take another valid SIM that is functioning on another phone and insert it into the slot of your phone to see if there is a problem in the slot. You could also place your SIM into another phone to see if there is a problem with the SIM.

check sim card and sim slot

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