Top 8 Alternatives to Clean Master for Android in 2023


Do you have the trouble that your Android phone is running slower and slower and and it gets overheated all the time? Maybe it's time to clean up your Android phone space and keep it in good condition with a cleaning tool. Clean Master is kind of popular in cleaning software market but there are some other alternatives to Clean Master for Android in the market. This article will introduce some impressive software programs available in the market for you.

What is Clean Master for Android?

Clean Master for Android is an all-in-one cleaning app on Android, which can clear up the app caches, unused items, residual files, search history, records and logs, junk files, leftovers and also uninstall unwanted apps. This Clean Master can also close the running tasks and release more RAM to boost your phone performance and save battery life. It's anti-virus engine protects your device round the clock and millions of people have used this app.

clean master

Each application on Android phone can create certain amount of junk files like caches, residual files, cookies and etc., which will not only take up the space on your mobile phone but also drain your phone's battery quickly. So the Clean Master deletes these junks to make more space for your phone and protect your battery in some way. What's more, due to its background cleaning feature, you might be even notice that the cleaner is working in the background.

Maybe that is the reason why Clean Master is so popular to speed up your Android phone or tablet. However, there are still some other great software program in the market to meet your needs. The following part will show you 10 alternatives to Clean Master for your reference.

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8 Best Alternatives to Clean Master for Android

Top 1. Data Cleaner for Android

Data Cleaner for Android - Coolmuster Android Eraser, is one of the best alternatives to Clean Master for Android. This Data Cleaner for Android can help you permanently erase all data from Android phone with 1-click to protect your private information and free up storage space on Android phone or tablet. It can effectively speed up your Android phone and prevent privacy from leakage and it is especially suitable to use before you send your phone to repair shop or lend it to others for safety's sake.

Features of Data Cleaner for Android:

· One click to erase all data from Android phone or tablets completely and permanently, and speed up Android phone effectively.

· Your personal data like contacts, text messages, calendars, notes, call history, photos, videos, music, audios, movies, apps, app data, books and etc. will be completely removed from your Android phone.

· The junk files like app cookies, app tem files, photo caches, app crash logs and other junks can be permanently deleted from your cellphone.

· It is fully compatible with almost all models of Android devices, such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, ZTE, Huawei, Dell, Asus, Google etc. including Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra/S23/S22/S21/S20, Samsung Note 20/Note 10/Note 9/Note 8/Note 7, Samsung Galaxy A54/A34/A24/A14/A04/A73/A53, etc.

Free download the Data Cleaner for Android on your Windows PC or Mac and manage your Android data right now. Please remember to backup your Android phone before deleting Android data in case of unexpected data lost.

data cleaner for android

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Top 2. Ccleaner

Ccleaner is another good alternative to Clean Master for Android, which can effectively optimize your phone performance and clean up your phone storage. Let's check the feature of Ccleaner as following together.


Features of Ccleaner:

· It can scan and delete all caches, download folders, browser history and etc.

· It can take care of CPU usage, RAM, battery levels and battery temperature.

· It allows you to uninstall multiple unwanted apps quickly from your Android phone.

· It has a simple and intuitive user interface. You can easily perform it as you use this program.

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Top 3. Systwaek Android Cleaner

The Systwaek Android Cleaner also is good at speeding up your Android phone's performance and cleaning junk files, duplicate files. Besides, this app can help you save the battery of your Android phone or tablet. You can learn more about it with the following introduction.

systweak android cleaner

Features of Systwaek Android Cleaner:

· It can act as a Cache Cleaner and RAM Optimizer for your Android phone. You can either manually clear the caches on Android by tapping the Phone Boost button or you can schedule the optimization for your Android device as you like.

· It can also work as a Game Booster. Because this app can help you free up RAM on your Android phone so that you can play games uninterruptedly and smoothly.

· It can also act as a App Manager which can detect and show all the unused applications that occupy your phone memory. And you are also offered the option to uninstall unwanted applications from your Android phone.

· It can also help you remove all duplicate files and junk files from your Android device.

Top 4. TrustGo

TrustGo is another useful software to better manage your Android phone. It is good at preventing malicious and risky applications from your Android phone for sake of security. You can learn more about it.


Features of TrustGo:

· It can help you detect apps, spyware and malware that cause security issues on your device.

· It helps you to monitor your phone's data usage, memory usage, battery consumption and etc.

· It provides brief interface to guide you to perform this app as easy as possible.

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Top 5. 360 Security

360 Security is an application that is aim at optimizing your Android phone and improve your device's performance. You can read more information about it with the following introduction.

360 security

Features of 360 Security:

· It can help you clean up the memory of your Android phone and boost your Android device with simple clicks.

· It can act as Antivirus and security app to prevent your device from malware, adware and virus.

· It also offers the anti-theft feature, which easily locate your phone in case you leave it in some place you don't realize or someone steal it.

· It offers features like Erase, Locate, Alarm & Lock to keep your personal data safe when your Android phone gets lost.

· It works as CPU cooler and battery saver so that your Android phone might not get overheated so easily and also save the battery life of your Android phone.

Top 6. The Cleaner

The Cleaner is also one of the best optimization apps, which can help you improve the performance of your Android phone with intuitive interface. Let's see the features od the Cleaner as below.

the cleaner

Features of The Cleaner:

· It can help you to uninstall unwanted applications in a batch from your Android phone or tablet.

· It can free up your Android phone's memory and also speed up the system performance of your Android device.

· It can also act as a Game Booster which helps you to play games smoothly in a good condition of your Android phone.

· It provides options for you to schedule optimization of your device so as to improve performance of your Android device.

Top 7. Du Speed Booster & Cache Cleaner

Du Speed Booster & Cache Cleaner is also a great Clean Master alternative for your Android phone and it helps you clean up caches and junk files for your device to keep your device running in good condition. You can learn more features about it as below.

du speed booster cache cleaner

Features of Du Speed Booster & Cache Cleaner:

· It can act as Antivirus and security app to keep your Android system safe from malware, adware, virus, trojan and etc.

· It can speed up your phone performance by decluttering your RAM and removing unnecessary background tasks for your Android phone.

· It can help you monitor the status of your network, such as Wi-Fi speed, download and upload speed and etc. with one single tap.

· It also offer the option of app lock to protect your privacy on your device.

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Top 8. App Cache Cleaner

Believe or not, every app on Android phone can produce a large amount of caches on your Android phone and it will occupy much storage space on your Android phone over time. So cleaning useless cache files could be a good way to create more space for your Android phone.

app cache cleaner

Features of App Cache Cleaner:

· It can scan your device and show the extra amount of space occupied by cache files on your device.

· One click to clean all caches from your Android phone as easy as ABC.

· It will show alerts when caches reach up to certain limit so that you can clear cache if needed. But it lacks of auto cache deletion feature to help you remove caches from your phone.


No matter which tool you select from the mentioned above, you can use it to clean up the data from your Android phone with easy steps. They all can replace the Clean Master app. If you want to wipe your data completely, Coolmuster Android Eraser will be a good choice.

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