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How to Recover Deleted Snapchat Memories Easily [6 Safe Solutions]


Snapchat has carved its niche with a unique feature known as Snapchat Memories. It's not just a collection of photos and videos; it's a digital diary that captures fleeting moments, making them tangible in the digital realm. As cherished as these memories are, the prospect of accidentally deleting them can be disheartening. Fear not, though, as this guide is designed to unravel the solutions on how to recover deleted Snapchat Memories, explaining the steps in detail.

how to recover deleted snapchat memories


Part 1: What Are Snapchat Memories?

Snapchat Memories is a distinctive feature within the Snapchat app that revolutionizes the transient nature of the platform. Essentially, it serves as a personalized digital archive where users can store and revisit their favorite Snaps and Stories. Instead of allowing content to disappear after a short period, Memories allows users to curate and preserve meaningful moments.

Snapchat Memories includes various components:

Snaps: Individual photos or videos that users have taken and shared on the Snapchat platform.

Stories: A compilation of Snaps that form a narrative, visible to friends for 24 hours before disappearing. Memories allows users to save these Stories for a more extended period.

Camera Roll Integration: Snapchat Memories can also include images and videos from a device's camera roll, providing a centralized location for all visual content.

Part 2: Reasons for Deleted Snapchat Memories

Several reasons may contribute to the deletion of Snapchat Memories, causing users to lose access to their cherished digital moments. Understanding these reasons is crucial for troubleshooting and exploring potential recovery options.

Accidental Deletion: Users may inadvertently delete individual Snaps, entire Stories, or even Memories albums while navigating the app. The swipe and tap gestures on the interface can sometimes lead to unintentional deletions.

App Updates or Glitches: Updates to the Snapchat app can occasionally introduce glitches or compatibility issues that may result in the disappearance of Memories. Technical hiccups during the updating process can disrupt the storage and retrieval of saved content.

Account Settings Changes: Modifications to account settings, particularly those related to privacy and data storage, can impact the visibility and accessibility of Memories. Changes in privacy settings may affect who can view and save Memories.

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Part 3: How to Recover Deleted Snapchat Memories

Now, the heart of the matter - reclaiming those lost Memories. This section unfolds 7 methods to recover deleted Snapchat Memories. From submitting requests to utilizing the cache, data archives, and exploring recently deleted albums, we'll leave no stone unturned. Whether you're relying on iCloud or iTunes backups or considering third-party tools like Snapchat Photo Recovery, each avenue will be dissected for its potential to bring back those precious digital snippets.

3.1 By Submitting Request

When it comes to recovering deleted Snapchat Memories, one avenue worth exploring is submitting a request to Snapchat. The social media platform recognizes the value users place on their digital archives and provides a mechanism to seek assistance.

Here's how to recover deleted Snapchats by submitting a request:

Step 1: Open the Snapchat app, and click "Settings" > "My Data".

Step 2: Please select the data range that you want, and input your email address.

Step 3: Click "SUBMIT REQUEST" at the bottom. Then Snapchat will send you an email with a link, and you can get back old Snapchat by downloading the data.

get deleted snaps back by submitting request

3.2 Using Cache

Delving into the cache can be a nuanced approach to recovering deleted Snapchat Memories. Snapchat, like many other applications, relies on cached data to enhance user experience. By tapping into this temporary storage, there's a possibility of retrieving lost content. However, you cannot view and access cache on iOS devices. Thus, this way is suitable for Android users.

Here's how to find deleted Snaps from cache:

Step 1: Go to File Manager on your Android smartphone, and navigate to "Android" > "Data" > "com.snapchat.android". You can search for "Snapchat" directly by using the "Search" feature.

Step 2: Locate and choose the "Cache". Now, please look for the deleted snaps in this folder, and move them to another location.

recover snapchat memories from android cache

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3.3 From Recently Deleted Album

The Recently Deleted feature is built in most Android and iOS devices. It will work when you delete your snaps and videos accidentally because it can store those deleted files temporarily within 30 days. If you have saved your Snapchat Memories on your phone's Gallery app but deleted it by mistake, please check the Recently Deleted album.

Here's how to see deleted snaps and restore them from the Recently Deleted album:

Step 1: Unlock your phone, and open the Gallery app.

Step 2: Choose "Albums", and find "Recently Deleted".

Step 3: Check if there are your Snapchat files. Once found, select and restore them directly. Then they will return to the original photo album.

restore deleted snaps from recently deleted album

3.4 From iCloud Backup

For iOS users deeply integrated into the Apple ecosystem, iCloud serves as a reliable backup solution. Understanding how to retrieve deleted Snapchat Memories from iCloud can be instrumental in salvaging those irreplaceable moments. Let's unravel the steps involved in leveraging iCloud backups for Memories recovery. However, if you haven't enabled iCloud backup on your iPhone, there will be no any Snapchat data on iCloud.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Please visit the iCloud web on your computer, and log in with your iCloud account.

log in to icloud to recover snapchat memories

Step 2: Click the "Photos" icon and view your backup photos.

Step 3: Locate the Snapchat images and videos. Then save them to your computer. Once done, the restoration is over.

restore snaps from icloud backup

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3.5 From iTunes Backup

iTunes, Apple's media management software, also plays a role in safeguarding your Snapchat Memories. This section will guide you through the process of retrieving deleted Memories from an iTunes backup, offering an alternative avenue for iOS users to restore their digital archives. By the way, please note that the backup data will cover your current files after restoring them.

Recover deleted Snapchat Memories on iPhone with iTunes backup:

Step 1: Launch iTunes on your computer, and link your iPhone to the PC via USB.

Step 2: Click the iPhone icon, and choose "Summary".

Step 3: Click "Restore Backup" to start the process. Then you will get your snaps back on your iPhone.

restore itunes backup to get snaps back

3.6 Using Snapchat Photo Recovery [For iPhone Only]

Can you recover deleted Snapchat Memories without backup? Sometimes, exploring external tools becomes necessary in the pursuit of recovering deleted Snapchat Memories. If you intend to recover deleted Snapchat Memories on an iPhone, this Snapchat Photo Recovery is worth a try. This tool is a reliable data recovery desktop app for iOS devices, and supports the recovery of various app photos, including Snapchat. Moreover, it also effective in recovering deleted text messages, contacts, iPhone camera roll, call history, etc., from iPhones.

Check the highlights of this recovery software:

  • Recover deleted snaps from iPhone without backup.
  • Display deleted and existing Snapchat photos and other app pictures on the interface.
  • Support data recovery in different scenarios, like system problems, accidental deletion, and more.
  • The recovery covers multiple file types, including Safari bookmarks, WhatsApp messages, SMS, Line data, etc.
    • Work for most iOSes, including iOS 17.

Download the software to start the data recovery.

Here's how to recover deleted Snapchat photos from an iPhone without backup:

01Install the Snapchat recovery software on your computer, and launch it on the desktop. Then choose "Recover from iOS Device".

recover deleted snaps from iphone without backup

02Use a lightning data cable to make a connection between your iPhone and computer. Then click "Trust" on the iPhone. Once done, click "Stat Scan" on the interface.

scan ios device to get deleted snaps

03Choose "App Photos" and find the Snapchat photos. Finally, hit "Recover" to save the snaps to your computer.

choose app photos to recover deleted snapchat photos

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Part 4: Tips for Preventing Future Deletions for Snapchat Memories

Snapchat Memories are a great way to save and revisit your snaps. To prevent future deletions and ensure the safety of your memories on Snapchat, consider the following tips:

* Regularly Back Up Memories: Save your memories to your device's camera roll or another external storage option. This way, even if something happens to your Snapchat account, you'll still have a copy of your memories.

* Enable Cloud Backup: If your device allows, enable cloud backup for your photos and videos. This ensures that even if you lose your device, your memories will be stored safely in the cloud.

* Check Storage Space: Ensure that your device has enough storage space to save new memories. Running out of storage might lead to automatic deletions or prevent new snaps from being saved.

* Manage Auto-Save: Review and manage the auto-save settings for individual snaps. You can customize which snaps are automatically saved to Memories by default.

* Update Snapchat Regularly: Keep your Snapchat app updated to the latest version. Updates often include bug fixes and improvements that can enhance the stability of the app and prevent data loss.

* Use Strong Authentication: Enable two-factor authentication for your Snapchat account to add an extra layer of security. This can help prevent unauthorized access and potential deletions.

* Avoid Third-Party Apps: Refrain from using third-party apps or services that claim to enhance your Snapchat experience. These can compromise the security of your account and may lead to unexpected issues with your memories.

* Understand Snapchat's Policies: Familiarize yourself with Snapchat's terms of service and policies regarding data storage and deletion. Knowing how Snapchat handles data can help you make informed decisions about your content.

* Contact Support for Issues: If you encounter any issues with your Memories or suspect deletions that shouldn't have occurred, reach out to Snapchat support for assistance.


In the dynamic landscape of social media, where moments are fleeting and digital footprints can vanish, Snapchat Memories stand as a testament to the permanence of the ephemeral. As we navigate the intricate dance of preserving these digital souvenirs, this guide serves as a compass, steering you through the process of understanding, recovering, and safeguarding your Snapchat Memories. Embrace the power to relive your moments, for in the realm of social media, memories should be etched in pixels, not forgotten in the digital wind.

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