How to Recover Deleted Photos from Facebook? 4 Proven Ways to Achieve That

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms that many people love. This platform is used daily to upload photos and videos. However, we can a time delete the pictures from Facebook unknowingly. Unlike computers or smartphones, Facebook doesn't have a trash bin to recycle deleted data.

When you accidentally delete a photo, you might think that recovering it isn't possible. But, the truth is there are wonderful ways one can use to get their memorable images back. Facebook has evolved nowadays, and new features have been added so, retrieving any data from Facebook is like a child's play. If you want to know how to recover deleted photos from Facebook, then this guide is yours.

 how to recover deleted photos from facebook

Part 1: Can You Recover Deleted Facebook Photos Safely?
Part 2: How to Recover Deleted Facebook Photos with Facebook Archive?
Part 3: How to Recover Deleted Photos from Facebook with/without Backup?
Part 4: How to See Deleted Facebook Photos from Recycle Bin or Recently Deleted Folder?
Part 5: FAQs for Facebook Photos Recovery

Part 1: Can You Recover Deleted Facebook Photos Safely?

You can restore Facebook photos by using the Facebook archiving feature, which allows you to save a copy of posts, videos, information, and pictures to the computer for safekeeping. By doing that, you are sure to restore the deleted photos on your computer. Now that you know about Facebook Archive, we will show you how to find deleted Facebook photos using it.

Part 2: How to Recover Deleted Facebook Photos with Facebook Archive?

Step 1: Go to the Facebook website and sign in.

Go to facebook.com using a browser and sign in to your account using your email address and password.

Step 2: Go to your account settings page.

Tap the downloads arrow button, and choose Settings from the dropdown menu. Then, tap Download a Copy of Your Facebook Data, found at the bottom part of the General Settings category.

Step 3: Create your archive.

Tap on the Start My Archive icon to start the process of creating your archive. After that, you enter the password then click Submit.

Step 4: Check your emails for any download link.

After your archive is ready, you will get an email from Facebook with the link to download the archived files and data. Tap on the link in the email to open the download page in the browser.

Step 5: Download the archive.

Tap the Download Archive icon to start downloading your data, videos, posts, and photos.

Step 6: Find deleted photos in the folder.

Open the downloads folder and look for the folder containing the downloaded archive. After that, open the Photos folder to access your photos.

 find deleted facebook photos from facebook archive

After all that, you will have successfully restored all your deleted Facebook photos. Very simple, right?

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Part 3: How to Recover Deleted Photos from Facebook with/without Backup?

If the Facebook application isn't working, or maybe you have the photos on your iPhone, you can use other ways to retrieve Facebook photos. This iPhone Data Recovery software can come to your aid. It's an extremely user-friendly and secure software that can easily retrieve the deleted Facebook photos with or without Backup.

3.1 How to Find Deleted Facebook Pictures on iPhone Directly without Backup

Step 1: Download the iPhone Data Recovery software and install it.

windows version of facebook photo recoverymac version of facebook photo recovery

Step 2: Plug the iPhone into a computer via USB cable. Click Trust on the iPhone to enable the connection.

connect the phone to computer to recover deleted facebook photos

Step 3: After the software detects and recognizes your iPhone, you will see photos displayed. Then mark Cemara Roll and App Photos.

Step 4: Turn on the Only display the deleted item (s) to view the deleted photos on your iPhone only. To get the photo details, double-click on it. Select all the photos you need to recover from Facebook, then tap Recover.

recover deleted photos from facebook without backup

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3.2 How to Retrieve Deleted Facebook Photos with iTunes Backup

Step 1: Launch the iPhone Data Recovery software.

Step 2: Select Recover from iTunes Backup File on the left panel. You will see all of your iTunes backup files listed in the interface.

Step 3: Tap Start to get all of your backed-up files.

get deleted facebook photos from itunes backup

Step 4: Open any folder to see if the deleted Facebook pictures are there.

Step 5: Choose the photos you want to retrieve, then tap Recover. Ensure you set the destination folder for the photos. Finally, you will successfully retrieve the Facebook photos.

find deleted facebook pictures from itunes backup

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3.3 How to Restore Deleted Facebook Photos with iCloud Backup

Step 1: Open the software on Mac or windows.

Step 2: Tap Recover from iCloud Backup File, then sign in to your iCloud account to get the backup files.

sign in to icloud to get backup facebook photos

Step 3: Tap Download to get all of the iCloud backup lists. Then you can choose Camera Roll, App Photos, and Photo Library, found in the Media area, to retrieve deleted Facebook photos. After that, tap Next to continue.

download icloud backup

Step 4: After scanning, all photos will be displayed in the main interface. Choose the photos you want, then tap Recover to recover deleted Facebook photos.

retrieve deleted photos on facebook via icloud backup

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Part 4: How to See Deleted Facebook Photos from Recycle Bin or Recently Deleted Folder?

The iOS devices usually have the Recently Deleted folder in Gallery that usually keeps the deleted pictures of one month. Here is how you can see the deleted Facebook photos from the Recently Deleted Folder:

Step 1: Got to the Gallery on your iPhone, then check the Recently Deleted Folder.

Step 2: Select the pictures you have accidentally deleted.

Step 3: Look for your Facebook photos and select Restore.

restore facebook pictures from iphone recently deleted folder

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Part 5: FAQs for Facebook Photos Recovery

Apart from knowing how to retrieve deleted Facebook photos, it is ideal you go through these frequently asked questions:

5.1 Are photos permanently deleted on Facebook?

When you delete the photos you shared on Facebook, they are preserved in Facebook Archive for 90 days, after which they will be permanently deleted.

5.2 How long will Facebook preserve my deleted data?

Deleted data is normally kept in your Facebook archive. It depends on the type of data loss. Mostly, the data is preserved for three months.

5.3 Can I bring back a deleted post on Facebook?

Yes. To restore the deleted post, in your Facebook, go to More > Activity Log, then click Trash from the top menu. You will see all posts you deleted in the past month through the Manage Activity. Click a post you wish to restore, then click Restore. The post will be restored on the timeline.

 retrieve facebook photos from facebook trash folder

5.4 How do I recover deleted photos from Facebook Timeline?

Step 1: Go to your Facebook Timeline and tap Activity Log.

Step 2: On the top menu, choose Trash.

Step 3: Check the photos you want to restore, then click Restore.

 restore facebook pictures from timeline

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5.5 How to protect your Facebook security and privacy?

• Use a strong password that is hard to crack

• Change your password every three months.

• Switch off all auto-saving on the Facebook credential on the browser.

• Check the recent active sessions on your Facebook settings.

• Turn on two-step authentication on Facebook to make sure no one accesses your account.


No more worrying about lost Facebook photos ever! This article on how to recover deleted photos from Facebook is the way to get back any of your lost Facebook photos. Therefore, if you have any lost Facebook photos, just follow these ways. More importantly, the iPhone Data Recovery software can help you recover your deleted Facebook photos without backup, and it can restore Facebook pictures from iTunes and iCloud backup.

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