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Syncing an Android smartphone is valuable for transferring files as well as linking applications and accounts. Typically, syncing your device allows you to perform backups, move all types of data, as well as restore your Android device effortlessly. In this article, you will learn about some Android Sync Manager tools of syncing your Android phone.

Here are the tools and methods to use when carrying out Android Sync Manager:

Top #1 Android Sync Manager - Coolmuster Android Assistant
Top #2 Android Sync Manager - Coolmuster Mobile Transfer
Top #3 Android Sync Manager - Android Sync Manager WiFi
Top #4 Android Sync Manager - Android PC Sync Manager
Top #5 Android Sync Manager - SyncDroid
Top #6 Android Sync Manager - HTC Sync Manager

Top #1 Android Sync Manager - Coolmuster Android Assistant

1.1 Introduction & Features:

When syncing Android data to PC or Mac, Coolmuster Android Assistant is the best application to use. From syncing music, videos, photos, contacts, text messages, call logs, apps, books and other essential documents, the power possessed by this unique tool is comparable to none. Here are the key features of the application:

Key Features

* It utilizes a single click to back up or restore the entire data in your Android phone.
* The transferred data retains its quality by 100%.
* It allows you to add, edit, as well as delete contacts on your Android phone from the computer.
* It has the capability to send and reply to SMS from your PC/Mac.
* It can export and import call logs from your phone.
* It installs and uninstalls applications from the PC/Mac.
* If you have contacts in your Outlook account, this app can import and export them.
* It is completely compatible with almost all Android phones and tablets from Android 2.0 to Android 11.0 or up, including Samsung Galaxy S23/S22/S21/S20/S20+/S20 Ultra/S10/S10e/S10+, HUAWEI P80/P60/P40/P40 Pro/P30/Mate X/Mate 20/Mate 10 Pro, HTC Desire 12/Desire 12+/Desire 12s/U12+/U11+/U11/10 M10H, Sony Xperia XZ Premium/XZ1, etc.

1.2 Pros & Cons


* Back up your entire data with a single click. The data include contacts, messages, call logs, applications, pictures, videos, music, and even eBooks.
* It allows you to restore data from a backup with one click.
* It is simple yet easy to use.
* A friendly user interface.
* It is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.
* It provides free customer care support.


* A limited trial edition.

the best android sync manager

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1.3 How to Sync Android Devices with Android Sync Manager - Coolmuster Android Assistant?

Use the 'One-click Backup and Restore' functionality to sync the entire data in your Android smartphone to your computer, and also restore backup from computer to any Android phone. You can do this by following these steps:

After connecting Android to computer with a USB cable or Wi-Fi, go to 'Super Toolkit' section and select the mode of syncing you need, either 'Backup' or 'Restore'.

- To sync Android Devices to PC/Mac:

* Select 'Backup' mode (or 'Restore' mode).
* Select the files you need to sync and then choose the destination location (or backup file) in your PC.
* Tap on the 'Back Up' button (or 'Restore' button) to move them to the selected location.

how to backup music on android phone

- To sync backup files to Android Devices:

* Select 'Restore' mode.
* Select the backup file and file types you want to sync from computer.
* Tap on the or 'Restore' button to restore them to the selected Android phone.

sync backup files to android phone

Video Tutorial:


Top #2 Android Sync Manager - Coolmuster Mobile Transfer

2.1 Introduction & Features

When it comes to Android sync, another solution to use is Coolmuster Mobile Transfer. This program is valuable when syncing files between two devices. With the sync software for Android, you can selectively sync all the essential data, such as SMS, contacts, pictures, call logs, documents, videos, music, and much more between devices. What's more, you can sync apps on Android with it. Here are the main features of this application:

Key Features

* It uses a single click to sync data between two devices.
* It supports both iOS and Android operating system.
* It allows the syncing of contacts, videos, eBooks, music, applications, pictures, and call logs between two Android devices.
* It enables the syncing of calendars, contacts, notes, eBooks, between iOS devices.
* It facilitates the syncing of contacts and eBooks between Android and iOS devices.
* It is compatible with almost all generations of iOS devices and Android devices.

download win version download mac version

2.2 Pros & Cons


* It is compatible with different versions of Mac and Windows operating system.
* It is suitable for Android and iOS devices.
* It has a friendly user interface.
* It syncs data quickly between Android devices or iOS devices.
* It offers free customer care support.


* The free version has a limited edition.

android sync manager interface

2.3 How to Sync Data from One Android to Another with Android Sync Manager - Coolmuster Mobile Transfer?


1) Before syncing, ensure that the source device and destination device are appropriately connected to the computer.
2) Do not disconnect either device before the completion of the syncing process.

Here is how to perform Android sync via Coolmuster Mobile Transfer:

* Connect the two devices to the PC, and then launch Coolmuster Mobile Transfer.
* Select the desired files for syncing. The application supports SMS, call logs, contacts, pictures, videos, documents, as well as applications.
* Click 'Start Copy' button to start to sync Android devices.

how to sync android phone with top android sync manager


Top #3 Android Sync Manager - Android Sync Manager WiFi

3.1 Introduction & Features

Android Sync Manager Wi-Fi enables you to sync your phone and PC as long as they are in the same connectivity. With this application, users can sync various data such as SMS, emails, contacts, pictures, music, videos, apps and any other file via a wireless internet connection. Here are the features of this unique program;

Key Features

* The application is small and thus quick to install.
* It enables a backup of mobile files, apps, and settings.
* It is usable on various models of Android phones.
* It runs on any version of Windows operating system.

top 3 android sync manager

3.2 Pros & Cons


* It operates fast.
* It is small in size.
* It connects without using additional hardware.


* Syncing is affected by the distance between the connected devices.

Top #4 Android Sync Manager - Android PC Sync Manager

4.1 Introduction & Features

As for Android PC Sync Manager, this is a powerful sync manager that allows you sync info across Windows and Android devices manually. All that is required is a USB connection between your Android device and PC. The app is compatible with all Android phones, tablets, as well as Windows-based PCs. Here are the main features of the app:

Key Features

* It allows you to backup and restores data such as SMS, contacts, apps, call logs, pictures, and music.
* It has a quick backup and restore feature.
* It has a simple user interface.
* It can act as a cleaning and scanning utility tool.

top 4 android sync manager

4.2 Pros & Cons


* It is 100% free.
* Backup and restore features.
* APK scanning and cleaning.


* It doesn't have customer care support.

Top #5 Android Sync Manager - SyncDroid

5.1 Syncdroid Review

SyncDroid is an Android syncing tool that performs a secure backup of everything in your Android device. With this program, you can quickly move data to the PC and back to the phone. Some of the data that you can sync via this tool include contacts, SMS, call logs, photos, as well as a browser bookmark.

Key Features

* It syncs data from computer to Android device.
* It manages pictures both in SD card and Android camera.

top 5 android sync manager

5.2 Pros & Cons


* It is easy to use.
* It syncs data through data backup and restoration processes.
* It is compatible with almost all versions of Android operating systems.


* It only backs up browser bookmarks of the default Android browser.
* The automatic backup scheduling feature has some challenges.

Top #6 Android Sync Manager - HTC Sync Manager

6.1 Introduction & Features

HTC Sync Manager is a phone sync app for your PC that makes it easy to sync media data in your Android phone to and from your PC with your HTC Android device. The application also allows you to sync your calendar events, contacts, bookmarks, calendar events, as well as documents. After syncing the data, you can effortlessly manage and organize it via HTC Sync Manager on your PC.

Key Features

* It organizes your multimedia files into albums.
* It syncs your personal info with the PC.
* It can be used to restore iTunes backup documents to your HTC smartphone.

top 6 android sync manager

6.2 Pros & Cons


* It is easy to use.
* It has a simple user interface.
* The best photo, video, and music manager


* It is not compatible with some Android phone models.

The HTC Sync Manager doesn't work?

See this video tutorial to learn how to use the HTC Sync Manager alternative tool to sync HTC phones.


There are numerous data syncing tools available on the internet today. However, not all of them offer the best and required user experience. Depending on your requirements, you might need a specialized app such as Coolmuster Android Assistant and Coolmuster Mobile Transfer for performing android PC sync. The above is a list of the best Android syncing tools based on their superiority, features, as well as customer feedback.

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