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LG Backup and Restore: How to Backup and Restore LG Phone

In many cases, it is quite necessary to know more about LG backup and restore, especially when you want to keep your phone data safe to computer or other file storage location, or upgrade your LG phone, or free more memory on your LG phone, or switch data from an old LG phone to a new one, or factory reset your LG phone so as to have your LG phone run smoothly, etc. No matter what the reason it is, it is a basic skill to backup and restore LG phone data just in case you are in need.

All in all, there must be some files on your LG phone that you don't want to lose, why not have the following 6 methods of LG backup and restore now?

 lg backup and restore

Part 1: Coolmuster Android Assistant -The Best Way of LG Backup and Restore
Part 2: LG Cloud – Backup and Restore LG Mobile Phone
Part 3: LG Bridge – Help LG Phone Backup and Restore
Part 4: Google - LG Backup and Restore with Google
Part 5: Factory Reset - LG Backup and Reset
Part 6: LG Restore and Backup with USB Cable

Part 1: Coolmuster Android Assistant - The Best Way of LG Backup and Restore

Looking for the best solution of LG backup and restore? Let me show you more details now. After extensive testing, I have now found that the Coolmuster Android Assistant is the best LG backup app you can have to manage your Android phone data, which is a much practical and powerful application to help you backup LG phone as well as help with LG restore process. If you know little about it, you may miss the amazing LG backup software for you to backup and restore LG phone. Believe it or not, just check its functions as below.

> Backup data on LG G8/G7/G6/G5/G4/G3 and other brands of Android phone with 1 click.
> Help LG restore all the data with 1 click.
> Edit, send and receive the messages on computer as on your LG phone.
> Add, delete and edit the contacts of LG phone on PC with Android Assistant.
> Transfer photos, videos, music, apps, contacts, messages, documents, call logs and so on from LG to laptop quickly.

More significantly, Coolmuster Android Assistant can supports LG G8s/G8/G7/G6+/G6/G5/G4/G3, LG V40/V30+/V20/V10, LG Q8/Q7/Q7+/Q6, LG K10/K8, LG U/Google/X and more. Besides, this app are also compatible with Sony Xperia, HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, ZTE, OPPO, etc. The Android brands are too many, just remember, Coolmuster Android Assistant are effective in almost all Android phones with Android OS 4.0 or later.

Welcome to download Coolmuster Android Assistant on your Windows PC or Mac below.

download coolmuster android assistant of win version download coolmuster android assistant of mac version

1.1 How to Backup LG Phone with Coolmuster Android Assistant

In this part, you will be aware how abundant your phone contents are, because you won't realize how much data that you have stored on your phone at all when using it. Fortunately, you will get help of Coolmuster Android Assistant, so don't be anxious about the problem. With this kind of LG phone backup app, you can backup apps, contacts, call history, music, photos, videos, books and text messages with comfort. Let's check as follows.

Here are the steps about how to backup LG phone data:

Step 1. Install Coolmuster Android Assistant

Firstly, please download this LG backup app on your PC and then install it. Launch it and enter "Android Assistant" module to access Coolmuster Android Assistant.

Step 2. Connect LG Phone to PC

After installing successfully, you need to connect your LG device to computer with USB cable. Then Android Assistant will check your Samsung phone automatically. Please turn on your USB debugging on LG phone.

connect lg phone for lg backup and restore with android assistant

Step 3. Backup LG Phone with Super Toolkit

When connecting, you will get the major interface of Android Assistant. Please click "Super Toolkit" option on the top. Then, click on "Backup" icon.

backup and restore lg with coolmuster android assistant

Next, there is a pop-up interface and a list in it. Please select all the type files on the list.

At last, click "Back up" icon at the bottom of the interface, Coolmuster Android Assistant will start to backup LG G3 to PC. Of course, the other LG phone models can also do the same.

start lg backup and restore with 1 click

Note: How to backup LG phone to PC selectively?

If you don't need to backup all kinds of data of your LG device, Android Assistant can satisfy your requirement with high quality.

1. When you connected your LG phone to PC successfully, you can scan your contents on the list of the interface.

2. Choose one type of the options, such as "Photos", you will see your photos are shown on the right.

3. Select the photos on the right and then click "Export" button on the top. And the app will export your photos from LG phone to PC in a short time.

backup lg phone to pc selectively

1.2 How to Restore LG Backup via Coolmuster Android Assistant

As we all recognize that making LG restore the files is as important as backup. If we can't restore the file in an easy way, the steps of backup will lose the significance. So here are brief steps for you to restore LG backup files without trouble.

Here's the guide for you:

Step 1. Install Android Assistant and Connect LG Phone to PC

Please connect your LG device to PC via USB cable and follow the onscreen to have your LG phone connected by the software.

Step 2. Go to Super Toolkit and Click Restore

Then, hit "Super Toolkit" on the top menu, you will see "Restore" icon on the right side and tap on it.

Step 3. Restore LG Data in 1 Click

Choose a backup file you need and tick the file types you want to restore, then you might click on "Restore" button to start restore LG backup file to your phone.

restore lg backup with one click

Tips: How to Restore LG Phone Selectively?

1. After having your LG device recognized by Coolmuster Android Assistant successfully, you will view a list of file categories about your LG phone on the left.

2. To restore files from computer to LG phone selectively, please choose the target file category and enter it. For instance, you can click on "Contacts" to import messages from computer to LG phone.

3. After entering the corresponding file category, please click on "Import" button to preview and choose files on your computer. Confirm it, then your files will be restored to your LG phone immediately.

selectively restore lg backup with android assistant

1.3 Video Tutorial on LG Backup and Restore

To help you get a better understand of LG backup and restore with Coolmuster Android Assistant, here's a video tutorial about it for your reference. Let's watch it together.

See Also: If you have an Android phone with other models, you can learn the solutions of Android backup and restore here.

Part 2: LG Cloud – Backup and Restore LG Mobile Phone

LG Cloud is an official service of LG phone. With it, you can backup and restore the photos, videos, music and other document without any wires. Besides, LG Cloud not only supports LG device, but also do support other brands of Android phones like HTC, Samsung, Huawei and more. When you register LG Cloud, you will get 5 GB storage at once.

2.1 How to Backup LG Phone with LG Cloud:

Step 1. Unlock LG Device and Go to Settings

At first, you need to unlock your LG phone, then go to "Settings" on your phone, find "General" and click "Backup & reset", choose "Back up my data" and "Automatic restore" options.

Step 2. Enter LG Backup

After that, choose "Backup to LG Cloud" instead of "Internal Storage". You are required to sign into LG Cloud account with your personal LG account. If you don't have LG account, you need to apply one.

Step 3. Backup the Data

Tick the checkboxes besides items you want to back up. Then tap on "START" to have LG G3 backup to PC. Press "Done" when the LG backup process is over.

how to backup lg phone with lg cloud

2.2 How to Restore LG Mobile Backup Data with LG Cloud:

Step 1. Choose Restore from Backup

Enter "Settings", click "General" and "Backup & restore", then press "Restore from Backup".

Step 2. Select to Restore

Now, you can select the options here to restore, click on "Next" icon, LG Cloud will begin to restore your data from Cloud to your phone.

Part 3: LG Bridge – Help LG Phone Backup and Restore

LG Bridge is another practical tool to help LG mobile backup and restore the data. You can use it to backup apps, settings, media data and so on with ease between LG device and computer.

3.1 How to Backup from LG Phone to PC with LG Bridge

Step 1. Download and Install LG Bridge

With the beginning, you need to download LG Bridge and install it on your PC properly. Then launch it.

Step 2. Link LG Phone to PC

When finishing installing, you need to link your LG phone to computer via USB cable. Please enable USB debugging on your phone.

Step 3. Select Items to Backup

Next, press "LG Backup" on the screen, and you will get a list of the contents, checkmark the item you need to backup.

Last step, click on "Start" icon. Once done, hit "OK" to end.

 backup lg phone with lg bridge

3.2 How to Restore Backup from PC to LG Phone with LG Bridge

Step 1. Please launch LG Bridge and connect your LG phone to PC at first.

Step 2. Tap on "LG Backup" and you will see two choice on the interface, tap on "Restore" as below.

 lg backup and restore with lg bridge

Step 3. Then, you need to select the backup to restore from "Browse" button on the top.

Step 4. Next, press "Next" icon and the app will start to restore the data.

 restore lg backup with lg bridge

Bonus: LG PC SUITE is also an effective app to help with LG backup and restore.

Part 4: Google - LG Backup and Restore with Google

Actually, in your LG phone, there is a nice LG G3 backup tool to help you back and restore your data of Google. But you are asked to have a Google account in advance and you have backed up the data on your Google account. In this way, you don't need to download any apps at all. Follow the tutorial and you will get the key.

Tutorial on LG Backup and Restore with Google:

Step 1. Navigate to Settings

From the beginning, you need to go to "Settings" on your LG device. Choose "General" option in it and tap on "Backup & reset" item.

Step 2. Backup Account

Next step, you need to ensure "Backup my data" and "automatic restore" are on. Tap on "Backup account".

Step 3. Add Google Account to Device

In a pop-up page, you can see "Set backup account", then "Add account" option. After that, the data that you have backed up in Google account will be transferred to the LG device.

lg backup and restore with google

Tips: If you need to backup your data from LG device to Google, you can download Google Drive on your phone.

Part 5: Factory Reset - LG Backup and Reset

When we use a phone for a long time, we sometimes feel the operation of the phone will be slower than before. Many people would like to reset their LG phones. Factory reset is a complete clean choice for us, however, if you forget to backup the important data before resetting, they will be gone permanently.

Here is the using guide of LG backup and reset:

Step 1. Identify data to remove and Go to Settings

Most important, you need to confirm that you have backed up all the desired data to another secure place. Then go to "Settings" on your LG phone.

Step 2. Click Factory Data Reset

After that, tap on "Backup & restore" option and then click on "Factory data reset".

Step 3. Reset LG Phone

Now, please tap on "Reset phone" on the interface. Your LG device need some time to reset, so leave it aside.

lg backup and restore with factory reset

Note: If you need to restore your data after factory reset, you may go to the location that backed up your data. for example, if you backed up to LG Cloud, just go to LG Cloud and then restore your data, the steps are the same as Part 2.

Part 6: LG Restore and Backup with USB Cable

Via USB cable to have LG restore and backup is a traditional and useful method for everyone. It is clear that the destination of LG backup and restore is computer. However, you need to have a little patience in this way, because you find it slow to backup or restore the data with USB cable.

6.1 How to Backup LG Phone with a USB Cable

Step 1. Connect LG Phone to Computer

At first, you need to connect LG phone to your PC with a USB cable. Make sure USB debugging is on of LG device.

Step 2. Turn to This PC

After connecting, please turn to your computer and double click "This PC" on the desktop. Then you will see your LG device's name under "Device and drives".

Step 3. Look for the Folders

When entering your device on the PC, you will get lots of folders in it. Now, you need to look for the folders or the files and highlight them.

Step 4. Copy and Paste them

After selection, choose to copy the data by right-click and then paste them to a location on your computer. If your data is large, the process of backup will last for some minutes.

lg backup and restore with usb cable

6.2 How to Restore LG Phone with a USB Cable

When you want to restore the data from PC to LG device, please follow the steps as below.

Step 1. Please connect your LG phone to PC in advance.

Step 2, Copy the files or the whole folder in your computer.

Step 3. Go to "This PC" and find your LG device, then paste them to your LG device.

lg backup and restore with usb cable


In the article, there are 6 solutions to help LG backup and restore the data. If you would like to select an overall application to backup and restore, there is no doubt that Coolmuster Android Assistant is the winner. This LG backup app can backup and restore almost all kinds of data in a short time, which makes your life more convenient than before. Welcome to download Coolmuster Android Assistant to have a try. Thank you for your reading, and if you have some opinions or good idea about backup and restore, please leave your words in the comment part below.

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