Deciphering the Query: Does iCloud Backup Include Photos?


When we use our iPhones every day, backing up our data is an important step that helps us get our data back quickly if we lose it. In the cloud service that Apple offers, iCloud backup has been liked by many users. Through this feature, Apple device owners can store their pictures, videos, app data, documents, and other types of data in the cloud. Users don't have to worry about losing important data when their devices break down or when they switch to a new device.

But a lot of people may wonder: Does iCloud backup include photos? To find the answer, please keep reading.


Part 1. Does iCloud Backup Include Photos?

Does iCloud backup save photos? One must be familiar with the distinction between iCloud Photo Library and iCloud backup before tackling this matter.

You won't see your media files in your standard iCloud backups if you've activated iCloud Photo Library; instead, they'll sync automatically to iCloud. This eliminates the need to store your images in backups since, as long as iCloud Photo Library is enabled, your photos will be automatically updated to iCloud in real-time.

But if you haven't turned on iCloud Photo Library, your pictures and videos might be backed up by iCloud. This includes videos and pictures from the Camera Roll or the Photos app, as well as information about people and pets' faces from the "People & Pets" album.

So, whether pictures are backed up to iCloud on your iPhone depends on whether you use the iCloud Photo Library service. If you have iCloud Photo Library turned on, your photos will not be backed up by iCloud. This way, iCloud won't store the same things twice.

To review, iCloud backup is designed to safeguard data stored on your device that isn't automatically synchronized to iCloud. Enabling iCloud Photo Library will save your media files securely in iCloud and make them accessible from any device, adding another layer of protection to your images and movies.

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Part 2. How Does iCloud Backup Work?

Can iCloud backup photos? Now you have the accurate answer. So, how does iCloud backup work? In essence, when you enable iCloud backup and connect to a Wi-Fi network, your device automatically backs up to iCloud. This includes photos, app data, settings, and more. Backups occur automatically whenever your device is idle, connected to Wi-Fi, and charging. Follow these steps to set up iCloud backup:

Step 1. Open the "Settings" app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2. Find "Your Name" or "Apple ID" and tap on it.

Step 3. Click "iCloud" on the next screen.

Step 4. Find "iCloud Backup" on the iCloud settings page and tap on it.

Step 5. On the "iCloud Backup" page, slide the switch to the right until it's in the "On" position. In this way, iCloud will back up your device on its own.

Step 6. If you'd like, you can start a backup right away by clicking "Back Up Now" on the "iCloud Backup" page.

back up to icloud

Step 7. On the "iCloud Backup" page, you can also see what time the most recent backup was made. Most of the time, backups happen immediately when the device is charging and connected to Wi-Fi.

Once configured, your device will routinely perform automatic backups to iCloud. For streamlined backup processes, verify that your device is both connected to a Wi-Fi network and adequately charged. With respect to the quantity of data stored on your device, the backup duration may fluctuate. You can effortlessly restore data from iCloud once the backup is complete, including photos, app data, and settings.

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Part 3. How to Know If Photos Are Backed Up on iCloud?

Once we've talked about "Does iPhone iCloud backup include photos," how can you tell if your photos are backed up to iCloud? You can try these two things.

3.1 View iCloud Photos Using the Photos App

The "Photos" app on your iPhone or iPad is the first place you can look to see if your pictures are backed up to iCloud. These are the steps:

Step 1. Click on "Albums" in the "Photos" app on each of your other Apple devices.

Step 2. Check the "Recent" folder to see if the shots are there.

If you be able to see the photos you backed up from your iPhone on your iPad or vice versa, that means the backup worked.

3.2 Access iCloud Photos via iCloud.com

If you want to be sure that your photos are backed up on iCloud, you can also check your files on the iCloud website. Just do these easy things:

Step 1. Open your computer browser and go to icloud.com. Use your Apple ID and password to log in.

Step 2. Once you're logged in, scroll down and click on the "Photos" button.

icloud photos on website

Step 3. Your backed-up photos will be shown to you, sorted by date, so you can make sure they are in iCloud.

Part 4. The Best iCloud Alternative to Back Up iPhone Photos

While iCloud backup is a good option, it also has some limitations, such as limited free storage space. That's why some users seek alternatives to iCloud. Coolmuster iOS Assistant is a powerful iOS device management tool that can help you easily backup and restore iPhone data, including photos, contacts, messages, and more. It offers more flexible backup options and has a simple and user-friendly interface.

Key features of Coolmuster iOS Assistant:

  • Backup and restore all data on your iPhone/iPad/iPod with just one click.
  • Transfer iOS files effortlessly after previewing and selecting them.
  • Support various file types, including contacts, messages, photos, videos, music, notes, bookmarks, books, calendars, apps, and much more.
  • Fully manage iTunes backup files and iOS data on your computer.
  • Easily edit, add, or delete data directly on your iOS device from your PC or Mac.
  • Compatible with the latest iOS 17.

Here is how to back up photos from iPhone to computer using iOS Assistant:

01Download and run the appropriate version of the program. Use a USB cord to connect your iPhone to the PC once the main interface has appeared. In the event that your device prompts you, select "Trust". Next, click "Continue" to move forward.

trust your device

02The left side of the primary interface displays all of your iPhone data neatly arranged into folders after the device has been discovered.

the interface of ios assitant

03Click on the "Photos" folder to examine the photos and select the ones you wish to save to your PC. Once your selections are selected, all you need to do is click "Export" to download the pictures to your PC.

transfer photos from iphone to computer using ios assistant

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Part 5. FAQs on iCloud Backup

Q1. Does iCloud backup everything?

Not all content is backed up by iCloud. For example, it does not back up information that already exists in iCloud or other cloud services, such as iCloud Photos, iMessage, and SMS text messages.

Q2. How much iCloud storage do I need for backups?

The amount of iCloud storage needed depends on the size of your device backup. Apple provides 5 GB of free iCloud storage to every user. If your backup exceeds this limit, you'll need to purchase additional iCloud storage. Storage plans are available in various sizes, ranging from 50 GB to 2 TB, with corresponding subscription fees.

Q3. How often does iCloud Backup my device?

By default, iCloud Backup automatically occurs once a day when your device is connected to Wi-Fi, plugged into power and the screen is locked. However, you can manually initiate a backup at any time by going to "Settings" > [your name] > "iCloud" > "iCloud Backup" > "Back Up Now".

In a Nutshell

Does iCloud backup include photos? I believe you have found the answer after reading this article. Although iCloud backup is a convenient option for easily backing up iPhone data, including photos, if you require more flexibility and functionality, it is recommended to use Coolmuster iOS Assistant as an alternative solution for backing up iPhone data.

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