Quick Fixes to Common iCloud Issues

iCloud is an online service offered by Apple to help manage files on iPhone, iPad, iPod devices. But do you really know every inch of iCloud, except for its backup function? Have you ever met some iCloud problems in using it? For example, what will you if you are told to pay for more storage when iCloud space gets squeezed? But actually, aside from that, some smart tips and tricks also allow you to free up more space. So in this passage, we have summarized common iCloud problems and given the related quick fixes. Before that, let's have a thorough understanding of iCloud!

Part 1. Tips & Tricks on iCloud

Part 2. Quick Fixes to Common iCloud Issues

Part 3. Backup & Restore Solutions without iCloud

Part 1. Tips & Tricks on iCloud

1. Basic Things to Know about iCloud

This passage briefly explains to you what iCloud is, what can iCloud do for iPhone/iPad/iPod users. Also, you can know something more about iCloud password.

2. Use iCloud Photo Sharing on iPhone/iPad/iPod

Today, this passage will give you a full introduction on iCloud Photo Sharing and practical operation of this in-built service within iPhone, iPad and iPod running iOS 7 or later.

3. Make Full Use of iCloud Keychain on iPhone

As an essential part of iCloud service, this passage tells you everything about iCloud keychain and tips on how to make full use of this iCloud function!

Part 2. Solutions to Common iCloud Issues

1. iCloud Sign-in Issues

When you want to use iCloud for some purposes, only to be required to sign in once again and again, even if you have typed in the right ID and password? This post tells you how to solve it!

2. iCloud Account Issues

How Can I Safely &Easily Change iCloud Account

To eliminate the potential dangers resulted from the original iCloud account which has been hacked, you may need to change your iCloud account. This passage tells you how to change it safely and easily!

Instead of changing iCloud account, you possibly need to remove iCloud account in this passage in some cases. This post gives guides for users running different iOS systems.

3. iCloud Backup Issues

Simple Guide on Syncing iOS Devices to iCloud

Totally new at iCloud and don't know how to backup iPhone/iPad/iPod with iCloud? This passage tells you how to sync iOS devices with iCloud in several clicks!

How to Sync Android Device with iCloud

Though you are an Android device user, you can also read this guide to learn how to sync files from Android device to iCloud in an easy way!

Multiple Ways to Download iCloud Backup to Computer

If you want to download iCloud backup to computer, you should know that you have more than one ways to do it. Just read this passage to get the various ways!

How to Restore iPhone from iCloud Backup

Regaining files to iPhone/iPad/iPod from iCloud backup is just a matter of a few clicks. This guide tells you how to easily restore iPhone from iCloud backup!

4. iCloud Storage Issues

Free up More Storage Space on iCloud

Don't want pay money to get more storage space? Actually, you can read this passage to free up iCloud storage before deciding to purchase more iCloud storage!

How to Delete iCloud Backup?

To free up more storage space on iCloud, deleting iCloud backups that have no uses is also a good way!

How to Hide & Delete Apps in iCloud

Be it deleting apps in iCloud to free up more iCloud storage, or hiding apps within iCloud due to other reasons, this post is the best guide you should read!

5. iCloud Safety Issues

Easy & Safe Way to Protect iCloud

To eliminate the possibility of your iCloud being hacked or misused by hackers, this passage tells you how to easily and safely protect iCloud.

iCloud Bypass Tools to Safely Bypass iCloud

If you want to bypass iCloud so as to fully explore all features and functions of your Apple device without any restrictions, you need to follow a professional guide to safely bypass iCloud!

Part 3. Backup & Restore Solutions without iCloud

iCloud Alternative to Backup iPhone/iPad/iPod

If 5GB of free storage is far from being enough, you can get an iCloud alternative to back up your iPhone/iPad/iPod device without any restrictions.

Recover Lost Files from iPad without iCloud Backup

Lose important files from iPad but have no iCloud backup at hand? Don't worry! This passage tells you how to recover lost files from iPad even without iCloud backup!

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