iOS Recovery

iOS Recovery

No way to recover your lost files of iPhone, iPad and iPod? Don't worry, there is actually a way for you to find back all your lost or deleted photos, videos, contacts, SMS, calendar, notes, call history, etc. from your iDevice easily. Want to get more info about the solution? Just go through these articles here and select the one you're interested in to learn more.

Feature Articles

Recover Deleted SMS from iPhone
Recover Deleted SMS from iPhone

Is there any way to recover deleted SMS messages from iPhone? The answer is absolutely YES. Read this article to learn detailed solutions.

Restore Contacts from iPhone
Restore Contacts from iPhone

How do I recover deleted contacts from iPhone? Here is an ideal solution to help you restore deleted contacts on iPhone.

All Articles

Simple Way to Access Contacts on iCloud

Still searching on the internet for a solution on how to easily access contacts on iCloud? Just read the passage to get the easy way as needed!

How to Export iCloud Contacts to CSV

This post is just a guide, telling you how to easily export iCloud contacts to CSV. And more than one ways are introduced in this article!

Easy Way to Restore Backup to New iPhone

Having a new iPhone at your hand, you may need to restore the old backups to new iPhone. So how can you do that? Read the passage the get the answer as needed!

Effortlessly Recover Files from Locked iPod

Don't know what to do when you want to access some files on a locked iPod? Now, just read this passage and learn how to recover files from a locked iPod within simple clicks!

How to View iCloud Backups

Having backed up important files from your iPhone to iCloud and now want to view iCloud backups? Then you are surely in the right place! This passage tells you how to easily access iCloud backups!

How to Recover Facebook Messages from iPhone/iPad

Still search on the internet to get an easy way to recover Facebook messages from iPhone/iPad? You are surely in the right place! This passage tells you how to recover Facebook messages from iPhone/iPad!

How to Restore Text Messages from iCloud

In this passage, you will learn how to restore text messages from iCloud within simple clicks! And even if you don't have an iCloud backup, you can still get back the lost messages!

How to Undelete Email on iPhone

Accidentally delete important emails from your iPhone? No need to worry at all! Just read this passage to get the easy way to effortlessly recover deleted email from iPhone!

Easy Way to Recover Hotmail Account

Accidentally losing Hotmail account is no more a big deal! Just read this passage to learn how to effortlessly recover Hotmail account within simple clicks!

Quick Fix to Restore a Jailbroken iPhone

iPhone is jailbroken and all the data are lost consequentl? That's not a big deal! Just read this passage to learn how to restore a jailbroken iPhone within simple clicks!

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