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iOS Recovery

iOS Recovery

No way to recover your lost files of iPhone, iPad and iPod? Don't worry, there is actually a way for you to find back all your lost or deleted photos, videos, contacts, SMS, calendar, notes, call history, etc. from your iDevice easily. Want to get more info about the solution? Just go through these articles here and select the one you're interested in to learn more.

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Recover Deleted Text Messages from iPhone
Recover Deleted Text Messages from iPhone

Is there any way to recover deleted SMS from iPhone? The answer is absolutely YES. Read this article to learn detailed solutions to restore lost messages.

Restore Contacts from iPhone
Restore Contacts from iPhone

How do I recover deleted contacts from iPhone? Here is an ideal solution to help you restore deleted contacts on iPhone.

All Articles

The Best Way to Extract Voice Memos from iTunes Backup

How to recover voice memos from iTunes backup? Check this article to learn the best way to selectively restore or extract voice memo recordings from iTunes backup.

How to Restore App Data on iPhone

How to restore app data on iPhone? This article is about to show you how to recover or retrieve lost or deleted app files from iPhone with the reliable and professional program.

How to Extract iTunes Backup for iPhone/iPad/iPod?

How to extract iTunes backup for iOS device? This article is showing you how to recover or restore iTunes backup for iPhone/iPad/iPod selectively or wholly step by step.

How to Retrieve Picture from iPhone after Restoration

How to recover lost photos from iPhone after restore? You can learn the full guide to retrieve pictures from iPhone after restoration with or without backup in this post.

How to Restore WhatsApp Messages and Attachments on iPhone?

How to recover WhatsApp messages, images, videos and audio files on iPhone? Here is the best way to restore WhatsApp messages and media files on iPhone and from iPhone backup.

Full Guide to Restore WhatsApp Messages from iPhone Backup

How to extract WhatsApp messages from iPhone backup? Here this article is showing you the full guide to restore WhatsApp messages and attachments from iTunes or iCloud backup file.

Full Guide to Fix iPad or iTunes Error 1671

How to Fix iTunes Error 1671 or iPad Error 1671? There are 4 different solutions to resolve iTunes or iPad or iPhone error 1671 in this article and the common reasons of error 1671 as well.

Full Guide to Restore from iCloud Backup without Reset

How to Restore from iCloud Backup without Reset? Here is the full guide to recover iPhone/iPad/iPod data from iCloud backup with/without reset in this article.

How to Fix iTunes Error 4005

Wondering how to fix iTunes error 4005 or iPhone error 4005? Luckily, you are offered several effective solutions to fix iTunes or iPhone error 4005 in this article.

How to Fix iPhone Error 53?

Having the iPhone error 53 or iTunes error 53? Here in this article you are offered 3 effective solutions to fix iPhone or iTunes error 53 easily without data lost.

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