iOS Recovery

iOS Recovery

No way to recover your lost files of iPhone, iPad and iPod? Don't worry, there is actually a way for you to find back all your lost or deleted photos, videos, contacts, SMS, calendar, notes, call history, etc. from your iDevice easily. Want to get more info about the solution? Just go through these articles here and select the one you're interested in to learn more.

Feature Articles

Recover Deleted SMS from iPhone
Recover Deleted SMS from iPhone

Is there any way to recover deleted SMS messages from iPhone? The answer is absolutely YES. Read this article to learn detailed solutions.

Restore Contacts from iPhone
Restore Contacts from iPhone

How do I recover deleted contacts from iPhone? Here is an ideal solution to help you restore deleted contacts on iPhone.

All Articles

How to Recover Lost Files from Water-damaged iPad/iPod

How to save the important files from your water-damaged iPad/iPod? Just read this passage to know how to recover the lost files with or without iTunes backup!

How to Recover iPhone Contacts/SMS with No iCloud Backup

Have no iCloud backup but lose contacts and messages from iPhone? Don't worry! This passage tells you an easy way to recover the lost files without iCloud backup!

Easy Way to View iPhone Contacts/SMS

In this passage, you will learn how to access and view iPhone contacts and messages, even if they are lost due to various reasons. Just read this passage to know how!

How to Recover iPad Files without iCloud Backup

In this passage, you will know an easy way to recover lost files from iPad without iCloud backup. So if you are looking for this, just read this passage to know the easy way!

Broken iPhone/iPad Takes Away Important Reminders - How to Fix it?

Accidebtally breaking your iPhone/iPad is quite annoying, and what makes things worse is that ll files including important reminders are also gone? This passage tells you a full guide on reminders recovery from broken iPad/iPhone!

Diskdigger Alternative to Recover Files from iOS Devices

Get worried that you may lose files from your iOS devices once and for all, since Diskdigger can't recover the lost files? This passage tells you the best Diskdigger alternative for iOS devices!

Recover Lost Events on iPhone Calendar

In this passage, you will know how to recover lost events that have been saved on iPhone calendar in an easy and efficient way!

How to Recover Formatted Media Files from iPad

In this passage, you will know how to recover formatted media files from iPad in one click! So you won't lose these precious files from iPad forever!

Click Here to Learn How to Set and Reset Restrictions Passcode on iPhone/iPad

This passage tells you how to set and reset restrictions passcode on iPhone/iPad, so you can have full parental control over your children lest they might be indulged in playing games!

How Can I Safely Bypass iCloud?

Want to safely bypass iCloud in one click? This passage will tell you how to bypass and unlock iCloud in an easy way! Just check it out by yourself!

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