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No matter you are an iPhone 5, iPhone 6, or iPhone 6S or even iPhone SE user, there must be this or that kind of third-party apps saved on your device, be it the one giving a nicer experience in chatting or the one that colorize your dime life. Just as this is a mobile world, it is also an app world, which makes your mobile life even smarter, more convenient. In this passage, we've summarized best apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod, ranging from the contacts, SMS apps to media apps. Now, you can also get your wanted tool by wandering through this app store.

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1. Calling & Texting Can be Much Easier

Top-notch iPhone Contacts Apps

The inbuilt contact app within iPhone cannot satisfy all you needs? This passage introduces several professional contacts apps for iPhone, which enable you to better manage the messy contacts on your device and customize it as wanted!

Text Messaging Apps for iPhone

Taking face to face, creating groups for people, which are previously impossible within the preinstalled messages apps, now can be easily done as long as you get the professional text messaging app.

These Twitter apps bear some resemblance to official Twitter, but do better in facilitating your chatting experience!

iPhone Call Forwarding Apps You Must Have!

Call forwarding might be more importance in business circle than in daily life. This passage collects several almighty call forwarding apps for iPhone, so as to easily redirect calls when the receiver is in absence or busy.

2. Memorize Your Cherished Moments within iPhone Photos

What are the Best Photo Editors for iPhone?

Changing the same picture into different styles, by alternating its colors or hue or texture now can be easily achieved after you get the powerful photo editor in this passage.

How to Take Panorama Photos with iPhone

Panoramic photography now allows you to capture the horizontally elongated areas of focus and fits them into a single frame, which are especially in need on numerous occasions.

Best Photo Printers for iPhone

Want to print photos from your iPhone into a piece of paper and make them a photo album? Photo printers are enough to help you collect your memories.

Apps to Hide Private Photos within iPhone

Maybe these precious photos are just of particular meaning to you, and perhaps you need to keep them private without erasing them from your iPhone. Then this passage is the best cure!

3. Beautiful Melody & Lyrics - Sound in Your Heart

Music Apps Offers You A Music Kingdom within iPhone

Accessing the latest music, downloading favorite songs and enjoying them even if you are offline can all be effortlessly realized within a third-party music app!

Lyrics Apps for iPhone You Can't Miss

Want to savoring over the literal art of one fabulous song? The best lyric apps in this passage are here for you!

How to Add Background Music to iPhone?

Playing your favorite music as a background while you work on mobile devices can be a great pleasure, right? Here are some of the best apps allowing to easily do that!

4. Videos - Another Way to Record Your Life

How to Make Slo-motion Videos with iPhone

Can't capture the precious moment that flashes? In this passage, you will know several apps, allowing you to make slo-motion videos without any hassle.

Here to Get Best Video Editors for iPhone

The all-in-one videos editors allows you to shoot videos of different styles, and share them to various platforms like Instagram, Facebook as liked!

Where to Get Best FLV Video Converters? Click Here!

FLV video has any compatibility issue with your iPhone device? This passage tells you several FLV video converters, totally freeing you from troubles of compatibility problems.

5. How to Fritter Away the Boring Days

Download Free Movies to iPhone/iPad/iPod

Watching movies on your mobile device is surely a joy. These apps allow you to easily download movies for free and enjoy the blockbusters even if you are offline!

How to Get Free Books to iPhone/iPad

The books applications enable you to download free books on your iPhone and iPad, so you are free to read these books without accessing the internet.

Free Audiobook Sites for iPhone/iPad/iPod

In this passage, you will have access to several powerful audiobook sites, so you can freely listen to audiobooks as you wanted and needed.

Here to Fetch Interesting Game Apps for iPhone

Playing games with your iPhone is now a popular way to rid boring times and relax yourself. And this passage tells you several interesting apps for iPhone device.

6. Make Your iPhone Different - Personalize It!

Free Ringtones for iPhone/iPad

You can set particular ringtones for your iPhone and iPad. And this passage tells you several ringtone apps, so as to personalize your iPhone with special ringtones.

Decorate Your iPhone/iPad with Wallpaper Apps

You can set your own picture as the wallpaper, or even the live photos. You can get several wallpaper apps and live wallpaper apps to customize your iPhone screen!

7. Proficient Assistants for Your Daily Life

iPhone Calendar Apps You Would Love

These calendar apps make tracking your tasks and events much easier, so as to remind you of those important to-do items!

Weather Apps for iPhone - Make Unpredictable Weather Predictable!

The powerful weather apps is able to inform your of the weather conditions of the full day, so as to free yourself from the troubles of getting disturbed by the changeable weather!

Best Navigation Apps for iPhone

No need to worry that you may get lost when in a foreign place! Since this passage tells you several useful navigation apps, so you can easily pinpoint your position!

iPhone Activity Trackers - Get Healthier!

Regardless to an individual's preference or preferences, users can pick and choose which activities that they want to track within their iPhones.

Best Note Taking App for iPhone You Must Have

If you're looking for a great way to jot down ideas, points or something else, you will need a good note taking gapped. Here are just some of our favorites!

8. Optimizer & Protector for iPhone

Best Security Apps for iPhone

In this passage, you will get several professional security apps for your iPhone so as to protect your iPhone device.

iPhone ad blockers eliminates the effects brought by accidental click on the unwanted ads which navigate to a website that is not very well protected or is malicious!

Battery Optimizers for Your iPhone

iPhone battery drains too soon? This passage tells you several useful battery optimizers so as to improve the battery life of your iPhone device!

9. Other Apps You Might Be Interested

What are the Best Web Browsers for iPhone?

Several limitations like no private browsing, no full screen, no flash support, no downloading feature and restrictions on sharing to web services etc. have given third-party browsers a slightly upper hand over the default Safari browser.

iPhone Password Manager - Freely Manage Passwords for You

It can get very difficult to remember every password – what with ATM pins, credit card passwords, email passwords, multiple social media accounts and many more services. But iPhone Password Manager makes it easy!

Top Translation Apps for iPhone/iPad

Visiting a new place or interacting with persons with whom you have a language barrier is a tough task. Here we bring you top translation apps for iPhone so as to remove the language barrier.

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